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How to Code your Blog Button + Share with your favorite blogs! 

Hi guys! Finally back with Part 2 of the blog tutorial! You can read the first part here How to create a blog button / about me . Thank you for all your wonderful comments and “likes”. You guys are amazing! Now, on to the tutorial.

Here are a few tips for your blog button.

1. Make sure your button is not too big.
I made mine around 250 x 250 px. The reason is that some blogs might not want to add your button if it stretches out their sidebar. You don’t want that now, do you?

2. Make sure you test out your own code.
I could not figure out why my code wasn’t working… so I fixed the problem by adding my code to my sidebar and clicking on it. If it didn’t work – I would go and fix the code. It’s really bad if you give someone your code and it doesn’t work. Even if a reader wanted to check out your blog, they wouldn’t be able to! 

Onto the code!

*huge edit* So, I had nearly finished writing an essay about how to write the code when I got a headache and realized that this was going to be more complicated that I originally thought. So, after a quick look around google (which was how I got the code in the first place) I decided to look at how to just find a website to show you guys the code instead of me putting it in a text box.

Lo and behold, I found a website that can easily do the coding for you guys!
Use “Grab my button Code Generator” . Either click on the picture below or access through this link  here

 tải xuống


It’s very simple to use and the textbox is way cuter than before!

Last minute Tips

1. Make sure to put your image before the text box, like I did. That way bloggers can see what your blog button will look like and know what the code is for!


<a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>
<img src=”; alt=”dianas adventures” width=”200″ height=”220″ />

and if you guys are interested.. swap buttons with me :D

If you have any other questions or concerns, leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I can! :) 

Pura d’or Hair & Body Care Review

 Pura d’or Hair & Body Care

Pura d’or Hair & Body Care Review

This was seriously a gift from the heavens! I was so excited when I was gifted three products from  Pura d’or Hair & Body Care. My hair has been falling out so much that my sister told me that she noticed it was thinning. At 22 years old, that’s something that you don’t want to hear. Actually, that’s something that no one wants to hear! We always seem to spend more time on our skin but we need to realize that hair care is also very important. 

I was given three items:

  • Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo – This shampoo is free from harsh chemicals that are the leading cause of hair conditions. It prevents hair loss, strengthens hair and adds volume!
  • Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner – This conditioner adds shine and manages frizz.
  • Pure and Organic Argan Oil – can be used for your body, face, and hair. The benefits of Argan Oil are numerous!
  • IMG_1654

On To The Review!

Let’s start with my favorite, the all organic Argan Oil. Now, here’s a little history about my hair. I use Head & Shoulders for dandruff – one of my main concerns for my hair is having oily hair, but while H&S makes sure I don’t go around with greasy hair.. it makes my hair quite dry. So, my hair is long and filled with split ends + a dry scalp.

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Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review

Lush bathbomb

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review

This is my first bathbomb EVER. So, of course I had high expectations. See Santa? Well, he’s from Rome. That’s right… I bought my bathbomb from Rome because it was basically half off and so cheap that I just had to buy it! Even though he was half off, he was still a bit expensive so I was saving him for a special occasion. When Valentines day came, I took him out from the shelf that he had been sitting on for one long month and brought him along with me to the hotel room. 

Lush bathbomb

Excuse the chipped nails .

Lush bathbomb

So, after drawing a bath – I threw him in. Watching my first ever bathbomb fizzle was such an incredible feeling (weird? I know). Now, while he was fizzing away sorry santa! I kept on imagining all the great things that would come from this $7 dollar bathbomb. Would my skin glow? Would I feel great and smell great? Would my skin be smooth and moisturized?

 Lush bathbomb

Second time I took it out..

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Create a blog swap button / about me

new tutorials


blog swap buttonIf you look to the right of my profile, you should be able to see my Button, along with my favorite bloggers! I have to admit, I got started on the button swap bandwagon very late – I haven’t been going on other blogger’s actual wordpress sites and looking around. But, better late than never right? Swapping buttons with another blogger can be a great way to meet other bloggers and get more views! 

Why you should make a Blog “Button”

1. You can direct traffic to your site.

If you love reading someone else’s blog, and notice that they have a button on their site then don’t be shy! Ask them to swap a button with you. I love going on a blog and seeing other blogs that they love, most of the time the audience and niche are the same also. So, by having your button on someone else’s site, there’s a good chance that their readers will click on your button also

2. You can make friends!

Having a button means also supporting another blog, and growing closer. There are many times that I visit Christina + Hilary’s Blogs. I never really reached out and tried to make friends in the beginning, but now as I’m well into a year of blogging, I’ve been making friends everywhere!

3. It’s easy to make + Code.

If you’re interested in driving traffic to your site and making friends, then look no further! I’ll teach you how to quickly make a blog button + Code it. 

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Avenue of the Arts – VDay Weekend

avenue of the arts hotel

This valentines, things went a little different. Brandon asked me a few days before Valentines Day if I thought we “overdo” things.“Overdo things? I don’t think so… it’s not like we go all out.” I replied.

But, a quick look through our past valentines day revealed a different story. Valentines Day in SF 2014  : We flew out first class to San Francisco and stayed at the Hyatt, which is Brandon’s favorite hotel so far. Plus, plenty of gift giving also. So, after glancing at the previous post, we decided to tone it down a little bit this year. We stayed at a nice hotel, I gave Brandon a Robe + Lucky Brand Belt and he treated me out the whole weekend to yummy restaurants

Anyway, on to the hotel review! If you’ve been following me for quite some time, you should know that I appreciate a great hotel. I love spacious rooms, a great view (rarely get a great view actually), quiet surroundings, and overall great customer service. Avenue of the Arts hotel was actually one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at – I like it more than the Hyatt one that Brandon and I stayed at last year, but Brandon insists the Hyatt is better. Don’t listen to him. Listen to me. Also, sorry in advance! I used my old point + shoot to take photos so the quality isn’t that great. 


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Starting my Valentines Day Early…


Valentines Day is almost here!

Came home to this wonderful bouquet from the boyfriend. I was having a sort of stressful day today, and was very happy to receive such a nice surprise. Brandon has always gotten me flowers through a third party source such as 1-800-flowers or in this case, Conroys. I do appreciate it, but I think the delivery service is quite expensive… I’ll make sure to ask him to get me chocolate covered strawberries next time! haha.


I decided to use his bouquet as a prop for the rest of my post! I bought these cute little Valentine Day Cards at Hallmark and can’t wait to give one to Brandon. Can you guess which one I chose? 


This one? Just kidding! I’m not that mean to him haha, though I do think this would be a great card when we are an old married couple.


This one is more my type. Ignore my fat thumb!


I’ll make sure to write something cute for him. But, as we will be together on Friday and Saturday night… I’ll have a hard time finding time.


I also managed to pick up this little cute monkey at Target for a dollar last year. I never got to use it… so I decided to give it a go.


Okay, if you ever happen to buy this monkey… make sure you put it closer to the top. As you can tell, I left too much room at the top and don’t have room at the bottom so his little legs are sticking out :(


Ta-da! All done!

Anyway, Happy Valentines Day!

I don’t know what surprises are in store for me this weekend… but I’m charging my camera so I’ll be sure to share all my adventures with you guys when the day comes.

I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day, and be sure to take plenty of photos to share! <3 <3 <3

Sciascia Caffe 1919


Sciascia Caffe 1919

Via Fabio Massimo 80/A, 00192 Rome, Italy


What a lovely little coffee shop! This place was a mere 5 minutes away from our hotel (walking distance) and was pretty easy to find. We liked it so much we came here two days in a row. They also have fresh coffee beans for sale, but sadly – we didn’t buy any. When you first enter, you are faced with a little “waiting/lobby area”. You can sip your coffee there while looking at the coffee beans (and people watch) or go inside the other room where you can order and sit down. 


Looks delicious right? Well. It was amazingly good! Better than the other places we visited.


The place itself is pretty nice, and the staff are all so friendly!


Don’t be fooled, the coffee bar area was pretty crowded!


Famous actors I don’t know… though the guy in the bottom Right looks familiar.

Amaroni’s Little Italy, Festival Walk

Picture Credit: Good Eating

Picture Credit: Good Eating

I decided to take a quick break from blogging about Rome to continue my food adventures in Hong Kong! Here is by far my favorite place to eat. 

Yes, this place is romantic and I would take Brandon here as soon as he comes to Hong Kong. & Yes, the cabornora here is amazing and is even better than all the carbonara I’ve ever had in my entire life + that includes Rome. 

I mentioned before that when Jane began to travel all over Asia (I was very jealous), it rekindled my friendship with Sham. So , while I missed Jane greatly – I had Sham and a new awesome friend , Nancy. Whereas Jane and I stuck to mostly asian food, Sham introduced me to more western food and thankfully… this place. I’ve never been a big fan of pasta, but I am still dreaming about the delicious spaghetti Carbonara. 


We got to eat here twice I think, maybe three times at most and each time was better than the first. First of all, the environment is dreamy and romantic. The lights are dim, they have some music playing (or am I imagining things?) and also the seating is just so cute. The servers are also very attentive.

My biggest tip is to share everything. Sham told me she and Nancy went and ordered 2 plates because they didn’t know, and the plates were huge! So, when we went – we all decided to share the spaghetti carbonara! It was so big that there was almost always some left over. Also, the prices are pretty expensive… even though we split the dish it was about 70 HKD per person! But, they do give you a bread plate… so I guess that makes up for it? 

My biggest regret is that we didn’t get to try any dessert. We should have gotten the tiramisu, but I was honestly way too broke for that. 

Visit their website here to look at their amazing menu


Gelateria dei Gracchi , Rome

Gelateria dei Gracchi


Gelateria dei Gracchi

  • Via dei Gracchi 272
    00192 Rome


In Rome, we were only able to eat at three gelato places. Why? Because we found Gelateria dei gracchi! After having it, we were unable to go anywhere else! The prices were pretty much on par with other places and it was about 2.50 Euros for a small. We went here everyday, and due to our horrible sleep schedule we would wake up at 11:30 PM and rush downstairs to grab a cone before they closed. 

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Visiting the Pantheon


A look inside the Pantheon…


After visiting the Roman Forum, we were able to make a quick trip to the Pantheon. By then, my feet were aching and bruised but my sister promised me that we would eat gelato afterwards and have a great dinner so I stopped pouting. The Pantheon is free and gorgeous, though small. We were in and out in about 15 minutes!


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