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My New Years Resolutions


Pic Credit: Chicquero

1) Work Out

Ah, one of the most popular New Years Resolution. Thanks to my boyfriend (fine, I won’t place ALL the blame on him) I gained about 20-30lbs this past year just eating at restaurants. Our typical date consists of going to eat dinner then heading to watch a movie, hopefully that will change. We have already changed our eating habits and have been eating salads more often. For my birthday last year, he gave me these two items that will hopefully help motivate me to work out…


a. Polar Fit Watch: This is around 60-100 dollars depending on where and when you buy it. I love it but sometimes it is a hassle to wear especially if you are low on time; also sometimes when I am doing a quick workout I don’t really feel the need to know how many calories I’m burning. I love how it lights up though in the dark but am iffy on how accurate it is… but who knows. All in all, I can wear it more often to motivate myself and keep track of the calories I am burning.

b. Nike Free Runs: There is actually a sweet and sort of embarrassing story behind this gift. I used to wear “ugly” running shoes (well… I wouldn’t consider them ugly..) that were Nike and worn out because I’m not one to spend money on nice shoes especially if I’m only wearing them to run or work out in. My boyfriend surprised me with these because he said “I saw you had on old shoes… so I got you these new ones.” I really didn’t know how to react… should I have been embarrassed? Flattered? Either way, I never knew just how great these shoes were until I compared them with my regular running shoes.

1. Obviously, they are very light. I feel like I run faster with these one compared to my other shoes, maybe because of the added lightness. But, I can’t wear them for kickboxing because since it is too light there is barely anything to cover my feet when I am kicking an 80 lb punching bag. So, for kickboxing I stick to my regular running shoes.

c. My Kickboxing Monthly Membership: If you live around the Long Beach area, I highly recommend Dynamic Fitness. I love my instructor Cory!! I actually started about three months ago and it really is life changing. It is only 60 dollars a month for UNLIMITED CLASSES, this means that you can do the total slide board workout (which I suck at and it hurts to use the restroom the next day) or Total Arms Workout, Amazing Legs workout, etc. This is the cheapest around, trust me… I’m a poor college student! The classes are very intense, some people actually stop halfway and take a rest. Even though I was (am) out of shape, if you really try then you can finish the hour. Plus, there is motivation all around you, the class is all girls (I saw about two guys my whole three months there) and everyone is really nice. Plus the routine always changes so I love it even more, I look forward to kickboxing every week and it burns 1,000 calories!!! I go 2 days a week and have only missed about two classes 🙂 

2) Save Money


I went around on Pintrest and found this. What a great idea! Plus, its very reasonable and is only once a week. There are others floating around that you save up everyday and double that, but I prefer this one. To each their own though! 

3) Blog More!

I’m still trying to find out how to work WordPress since I think using Xanga was alot easier. But once I get the hang of it I can post up tutorials and daily ramblings.

Hoping that I can keep up with my New Years Resolution. Cheers to a New Year!


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