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Clarisonic Mia – A Product Review


Ahhhhh, my all time favorite thing to use on my face. I love my Clarisonic although getting the replacement heads get annoying after a while (but, I’ve only used like 4 heads so far).. I have the MIA, so different from the picture listed above but after reading some reviews of the Mia 2, I don’t think I’ll shell out any money to upgrade mine. My sister got me this for my birthday and I’ve been using it ever since (Except when I travel or am too lazy after a night out to use it.)

The Mia boasts a lot of things, on the website it lists:

Clarisonic Cleansing by the Numbers

6X Better cleansing than hands alone 94% Report softer skin
61% Greater absorption of Vitamin C after use 90% Report more radiant, glowing skin
2X Daily use is proven safe and gentle

Also, it is said that after using the Clarisonic to clean your face, your products will penetrate your skin more effectively as the Clarisonic removes dead skin cells and exfoliates your face.

Read Pros + Cons below! 


1. After one use, I saw a difference.

Pores seemed smaller (though this is temporary, I heard there is no way to permanently decrease your pore size- sorry ladies) and skin felt smoother.

2. I noticed a change in my skin after using it religiously.

After having skin problems due to stress and maybe eating junk food all the time or maybe just genes, I found that nothing would clear me up. I even visited the derm but that didn’t go so well; they wanted to put me on antibiotics but I felt that as soon as I went off of the antibiotics I would break out again. The Clarisonic deep cleans my skin, making sure to get every last speck of dirt and makeup that regular cleansing would have missed. By doing that, I can apply my night serum and I love how easily and quickly it soaks in. Plus, it helps me with my monthly breakouts and proper exfoliation is important to reducing hyperpigmentation.

3. Easy to use

You use it for a minute (it shuts off on its own) and basically just rub it around your face (maybe the wrong word to use lol) then you wash your face with water. After that, apply anything you need to apply.


1. Replacement Heads

This is what may stop people from buying the Clarisonic, but it comes with one brush head!!! Also, you can choose from various brush heads such as: Acne, deep cleansing, etc. And, my sister bought me a three pack and honestly… I don’t really switch it out, although I should. But make sure you keep those brush heads clean, I like to soak mine in hot water and wash the bristles gently with soap. So, this shouldn’t really deter you from trying the Clarisonic..

2. You have to keep using it (of course)

I know I know, I was just saying before how I didn’t want to use anything that I had to keep on using longterm. But this is different, this is not some pill I’m going to be taking for the rest of my life or some cleanser that I’m always going to be using. This is a machine that I will use to clean my face and take off my makeup. Its funny that I always repeat this same mistake… I use the Mia for about three months, then I take one month off because I think “Oh, its fine, I don’t need it, I will just wash my face normally” but then after that one month my skin starts breaking out so I’m back on the Mia. My skin is fine for the first few weeks but I break out, IMO because of buildup.

3. Initial Purging of Skin

Some people don’t believe in your skin purging, but I do. Purging (my own definition) is when you use a product that is supposed to help with your skin (usually a new product) it takes the gunk and brings it up to the surface. There are many articles debunking this however, but in my personal experience I do believe in the skin purging itself to get rid of toxins underneath it. After not using my Clarisonic for about a month, I used it again and after a few days broke out with various spots; in my honest opinion I believe these were spots that happened because I didn’t do a good job of cleaning my face or exfoliating. Don’t be lazy, make sure to clean your face thoroughly.

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