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Basic Stroke Tutorial


A Long & Detailed tutorial on how to do one of the easiest & most important (well, for me) things for banner making, pictures, etc. 


* I didn’t teach you all the steps needed for this, but with Stroke you could do the outline of Anne and the Wording!

What can Stroke be used for?

I use it for everything, as you can see all over my page most of my words have a sort of underline about it. Use Stroke to spruce up your banners and whatnot!


1. You are going to open up photoshop and then create a blank template. The background can be anything but for tutorials I am doing white to make it easy. Then click the T button (highlighted) 


2. Type whatever you want, I typed in Hello. Then you will go to LAYERS (at the top) and then go down to LAYER STYLE, then STROKE. 


3. Choose whatever color you want, you can even go to different sites where they have nice color palletes and paste it onto the # (at the bottom) Then you can press OK.


4. Then you’re done! But before you finish, press MERGE DOWN. This will stop it from becoming a PSD and you can save it as either a PNG, JPEG, etc. (I really can’t explain this step… all I know is that I don’t want to save my file as a PSD)

Additional Things you can do with Stroke Technique


1. Lovely picture of Anne Hathaway (except her nipples… ) I opened up a background next to her.

2. You basically put Anne on top of the background and do the STROKE technique again, then you’re done!



1. Swimchick.net – For the wonderful texture (background). I love her font suggestions and just her resources, shes awesome.

2. coolcatdaddy – for the PSD.

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