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What Myspace has taught me – Graphic Design

Oh Myspace, where would I be without you?


Although I don’t use myspace anymore, I (like everyone else) used it in Middle School and until sophmore or junior year in highschool. Yes, Myspace had plenty of cons – you could hide your comments and talk crap about people behind their backs and also post up nasty rumors about people. It was where all the drama started. Many funny examples that I personally experienced..which are funny now, but were traumatizing then.

Be prepared to read a long post, with lots of graphics and pictures.

1. Remember the lists on the left hide side where you could see Mass Posts? People would do surveys and etc and post it up so everyone else could see it (sort of like facebook’s status updates). Well, there was this chain letter going around where you entered in your crushes name and then it would see whether you would be a good match for your crush or not. The girl who posted up the chain at that time was one of the most big mouthed girls in the WHOLE SCHOOL. I, stupidly, completed the “quiz” (poor little 8th grader me) and was horrified to find out that it was a trick! The quiz went straight to the girl and she now knew the name of my crush. I put his FIRST and LAST name.

2. Endless drama, there was a code to see people’s private comments (that they chose to hide). I used it to spy on people, people would literally talk smack on their hidden comments and think that no one else would see it. Well, I guess we were dumb naive kids.

What Myspace did teach me

Please note that I never took any classes and learned everything I know from myspace. So its pretty basic.

Myspace was by far one of the best sites I ever knew. They had communities for: layouts, advice columns, tutorials, personal blogs. The thing about Myspace was that we were able to change our layouts for free, there were numerous layout sites and changing it was easy. I took advantage of this and changed my layout weekly.

1. I learned HTML

After a while of searching up HTML codes, you begin to memorize them. I learned how to make letters bold, underline them using HTML. Hyper links, linking pictures, hiding comments, etc. These were pretty basic but because of the community (and I guess, being teens we had alot of time on our hands) it was easy to learn and I had plenty of resources.

2. I learned how to make layouts and PHOTOSHOP

Seriously. Myspace layouts were the in thing, I remember first starting and my layouts were horrible! I used a layout generator where you basically just took a background image and it basically duplicated itself over and over on the background. I showed off my layouts to my friends who gave me some less than delighted answers, “oh, its okay” or “You can do it better”. No one wanted to use my layouts! I was unmotivated for a while… I mean, no one wanted to use my layouts and I couldn’t become a layout maker if my layouts sucked.

This is where HTML comes into play, I borrowed one of a layout maker’s codes and began to fix it up, adding new things that I found on other sites. The layout community was very nice and open to helping other beginners, you could literally find a tutorial for EVERYTHING. This is something that facebook does not have, and xanga doesn’t either.


Ahh, my second layout using photoshop and brushes. I was so proud of myself, but it wasn’t that great. (For these pictures… I had to go back in time and try to find the correct password for my oldass photobucket)

I learned how to resize things and use banners..


Don’t laugh at me, but song lyrics were very IN.

I also learned that less, is def. more!


3) More Complicated Layouts

I saw DIV layout and wanted to learn how to make them. I got the code (asking permission of course) and began to make images myself. DIV layouts are different from regular layouts because it basically changes the background.. heres an example this is my first DIV layout I made.


I eventually went on to have a successful layout myspace, where I did layouts for other sites too ! Here is an example (I was still learning and basically used the same layout)


I got alot better…


4. I learned how to do Blends, Imaging Mapping

Image Mapping is when you have a photo and someone can click on it to get to the content.


Very useful !

5. MOST IMPORTANT: You can learn ANYTHING if you try try try

Obviously, you can see how much I have improved. My friends who told me to give up in the beginning began to see how far I have gone and even asked me to design their myspace layouts for them!

6. Give back

Like I said, I began to support newer sites and post up many tutorials. Most people did this for free and simply just asked for a “S4S” which was you basically tagging them and having other people add them.

Just a Few of my favorite Designs That I made

(Some of the pictures are not made by me, I gave credit at the bottom but it is not pictured in my saved photos)



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