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Thrift Shopping! Tips & Things you can buy


Have you ever been Thrift shopping before?

I remember in middle school my parents saved money by taking us here to buy clothing. This one girl actually called me a “spoiled rich bitch”, when I asked her why, she told me it was because I always wore Hollister and A&F. I don’t know why I took it as such an insult but I was really ashamed that all my clothes were used or second hand so I didn’t correct her. I’m glad that Thrifting has become popular (a song was even made about it) and fashion bloggers have been using it to find interesting pieces or vintage designs to add to their closet! I stay away from Goodwill and Salvation Army (they’re a bit expensive…)

My Favorite Thrift Stores on Retro Row

ImageMy favorite little thrift shop lies right on Retro Row which is filled with vintage clothing and local eats. This one is called Assistance League Thrift & Vintage while my other favorite is called AIDS Assistance Thrift Store. The funny thing is, Assistance League Thrift is my mother’s favorite store because the clothes are more high end but a little bit more expensive, while AIDS Assistance Thrift store is my fathers because it has more electronics and their clothes are seriously cheap (like a dollar a shirt).

1. AIDS Assistance Thrift Store – The group of volunteers here are almost always men (I’ve never seen a woman here but I could be wrong). It’s the same size as the other store or a little bigger and they do have a larger selection of clothes. They have a dressing room, and racks and racks of clothing. If you’re in this store… be prepared to walk out with a great deal, some of their shirts are a dollar and jeans are like 5 dollars I think. But, you really do have to do some work- looking through all the clothes.I usually walk out of here with one item or two. My review could be outdated because I haven’t been there in a good three months. They have a good book selection and have plenty of electronics along with house decor.

2.Assistance League Thrift & Vintage – The volunteers are these older ladies who are very nice and sweet. This place is more well kept, they have plenty of cashiers (two or three when its busy) and everything is sorted accordingly. The prices are listed near the front and they have deals according to the month, I went yesterday to buy some books and a cute F21 top (the top was 4 dollars… a bit more expensive than the other place) and in January, all the Green Tags are Half off! A huge selection of books- self help, magazines, etc. They have high end clothing that starts at ten dollars (my mom won’t let me buy those -_-“) and expensive ball gowns. Most of all, they have a wonderful selection of purses, they carry brands such as Coach, Kate Spade, MK ! I don’t know why people donate those gorgeous purses… but thank god they do!


This is their more “High End” side, My mom actually wouldn’t let me go in that side until I was in highschool.

1. There is a difference between Consignment and Thrift Stores.

There are plenty of Consignment stores such as Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange. You can sell and trade your clothing there, but the clothing is more expensive (of course). For instance, Plato’s Closet… I bought a shirt there the other day for 6 dollars. These stores have some advantages such as it being very neat (you can choose your clothing by size and color!) but I don’t compare them to Thrifting. Also, my friend sold her Steve Madden that she bought, brand new, for $13.

2. You really do learn what money can buy.

Although I don’t thrift as much as I used to, I did learn the value of money at a young age. Why would I go and buy a shirt for twenty dollars when I could buy a shirt at a thrift store for 4 dollars? Or, why would I shell out 600 dollars to buy a couch when I could go to the Salvation Amry (THEY DELIVER) and buy one for 50-1o0 dollars! Oh god, and books… books at thrift stores are only fifty cents, go buy yours there!

3. Pass it along. Donate your clothing to Goodwill for a Tax Deduction.

We donate three bags of clothing to our goodwill or you can do Salvation Army and ask them for a receipt.

Some Sites to Check out

1. Clothes Encounters – Jen Im is not only pretty, but incredibly talented. She shops at thrift stores to complete her OOTD. Check out her looks.

2. Living the Goodwill Life. She thrifted for a whole year!!

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