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Every old asian man I see reminds me of my dad…

Today at work, I was cleaning up tables when an old asian man approached me (about 50?). He seems quiet, with a small shy smile on his face. At first I thought he was a customer, but by the way he was nervously wringing his hands and looking around the restaurant I realized he wasn’t. 

“Do you so-speak Vietnamese?” He asked in broken english. I told him I did and he spoke a little bit more confidently in vietnamese, “Are you the owner? I am looking for a job…” I told him I wasn’t but told him the owner would be back at 4. “Oh, can I have the owner’s name? I’ve been trying to find a job for a while…I really need a job and live close by.” I told him I could give him the owner’s number but he said he would just wait till the owner came back. 

I asked my other boss (she doesn’t speak vietnamese) about any open jobs but she said someone came in yesterday (about 20 years old) who didn’t speak english and applied for the busser position. I feel bad because I know that the chances of us hiring him are slim to none. I just can’t get the shy smile and timid stare of the old man and keep on thinking about my dad. My dad worked in the fish market making only 50 dollars a day when we first came to America. 


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