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Budget Cuts Suck! – A college senior & Can’t get into my classes.

I was very surprised to find that I was only 9 classes away from graduating with my Bachelors in Health Science. But I got an email the other day saying that I was dropped (I was on waitlist) for 3 classes. I am going to try to petition to get the classes that I need but if I don’t then I’m presented with two options:

1. Pick up a minor – or take some random classes to stay in school and boost up my GPA. 

Picking up a minor (probably health care administration) will be such a waste of time… that’s another three semesters, I just want to graduate already and apply for nursing school or work. I also don’t want to take random classes because…it won’t benefit me at all.

2. Go on Academic leave and take Medical Assisting program or apply for internships. 

I would think there’s quite a bit of paperwork that I would have to fill out… but, I did find a great program for Medical Assistant at a nearby adult school – it only takes about 2 months of lecture and another month or so for clinical internship. At least next semester when I go into school I’ll already be able to start building my resume with medical assisting. 


And to think… after this… more school for nursing. 


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