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Easy Cupcake Card Tutorial using only construction paper! 4 steps

When I first started making cards, I didn’t want to go out and buy scrap book paper, it seemed like too much of a drive, and you had to pick the perfect colors, etc. Here is an easy tutorial that anyone can make, perfect for family activities, or just a cute card for someone special.


This is the simple card, using only construction paper. I tried to limit the amount of materials needed so that most people can have these materials lying around the house somewhere!


The thing I LOVE about paper crafts is that every little thing makes a difference- a hint of lace here, or a few buttons can instantly transform your final product!

Read the easy directions below!

Materials Needed:


1. Construction paper: I only had a limited amount of construction paper, so I chose




For the sash, it was blue but you can basically choose any color.

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. A Printer

This isn’t necessary, if anything you can draw the cupcake yourself!


1. After gathering the supplies, go on google and find a picture of a cupcake.

I prefer black and white since it prints out faster and saves ink.


Picture Credit

You can choose even more complicated designs, but for the sake of this tutorial… I chose an easy one.

2. Start cutting out the all the parts.


3. Fold the white construction paper in half (making it into a card), then paste the pieces together on there.


4. You can use whatever you have to decorate the cupcake! I used blue construction paper to add a little pop, and a sticker to add more of a design.



1. I would use ribbon to give it a more girly effect (I love ribbon and twine, it makes everything better)

2. If you have buttons, it would be cute to scatter some around the top of the cupcake.


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