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3 Annoying Types of Friends you have


Three types of friends that you unfortunately have, and hate (love hate relationship anyone?) 

Of course, we are all not perfect friends. There is always something we can improve on… but here are just a few of my pet peeves. Don’t take this post too seriously.

1. The Cheap One.

These are friends who are fun to hang out with, but are horrible when it comes to money. Half the time, they are broke but still insist on coming out with you and your friends to restaurants or things that require money. It can go either two ways:

First case scenario: “Oh, I want to hang out!” Then when the bill comes, “Oh, I’m broke… can you pay for me?” Why did they want to hang out in the first place? As a friend, you are guilt tripped into paying.

Second case scenario: “Oh, I’ll just go hang out and not eat.” This friend is a bit better, but the result is ALWAYS the same. They will end up being hungry and because you are such a great friend, you will end up paying for them.

There are so many cases where this can happen, and in many situations. A friend can insist that she only wants to pay in credit card when everyone else has cash, so she asks you to pay for her in cash (this happened to me… I was too confused to understand what was going on). Or, a friend who always asks you to shell out money for her, but when you are running short, she will let you “BORROW” money.

It is fine if it is once in a while, I treat my best friends out all the time- but they always repay me back by treating me out also. I hate it when you aren’t even close to someone and they ask you to pay, those situations make me stressed out because I can’t say no. If this happens to be you… save money and stay at home OR if you are broke, tell your friend beforehand that way she can respond with: “Oh, lets stay home instead then.” or “It’s fine, I can pay for you today.” At least your friend will have an option. 

2. The competitive one/ Sabotager

This friend will repeatedly hide things from you that might benefit you. Want to try out for the dance team? She will tell you you’re horrible then try out herself. There’s a shirt in your size? She will tell you that it looks horrible on you but the next day you’ll see her wearing it around. This friend will persuade you not to wear heels to go clubbing, but when you show up she will be happily dancing the night away in 6 inch heels leaving you to look like a midget (okay… exaggeration).

A real life example:

Me: Oh, I’m looking for jobs everywhere ugh. Its so hard, have you looked at any places?

Friend: Not really.

*Next day on fb: “Applying for so many jobs but finally, I have an interview!” – Friend

Maybe I’m just whiny and bitchy, but this was a close friend of mine. Share the knowledge!

These friends will try to always come out the better person. One time for prom, my friend was doing her eyelashes when she asked if another girl could do her lashes for her she replied that she didn’t know how to do it on other people – just herself. At least she could have tried. I mean, I understand if you guys aren’t close friends but it is seriously depressing when your best friend knows about open internship positions in your major and doesn’t tell you but instead enrolls behind your back and lies about it. 

As friends, I think we should help each other anyway we can. Be happy for your friend when they accomplish their goals and don’t be jealous of them.

3. The Judgmental friend

These friends are good friends, its just that you can’t seem to tell them anything because you’re afraid of the way they will view you. They are only looking out for your “best interests” but really, they are making you feel guilty. If you end up making out with a stranger one day while being drunk, she is the last person you would tell – not only will she scold you for being drunk but also make you feel degraded. Basically, judgmental friends tend to judge you on anything probably without knowing or understanding the deep details of the any situation

As a true friend, you should never judge your friend. You should know that her actions are HER actions, and you shouldn’t look down on her. If she wants to go and drink, then let her. Remember that it is her life, you can help guide her in the right path but as a friend, you need to be there for her. By being a judgmental friend, if something does happen then your friend might be too embarrassed or scared to tell you. A friend should know that you will be there for her, whenever she needs you to be.

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