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Valentine Day Preparations!


I just love to prepare for Holidays by browsing around Pintrest and grabbing ideas for my DIY gifts. Here are a few of my favorite tutorials and ideas! Easy and simple to make!!


1) Lace Heart Bunting Banner !


I love this tutorial because it has plenty of pictures and is easy to follow! Plus, all the materials needed are cheap!

How to Make a Lace Heart Bunting Valentine’s Day Banner

 Supplies needed:

  • Paper heart doilies in both red and pink
  • Red or pink ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Click on the picture to read the original blog post!! WITH FULL DIRECTIONS. 

2) Letters for your loved one


I couldn’t find the original source (When i clicked on it, it went to the twitter page). But this would be a great idea!My boyfriend is pretty stressed out for work, so I could make him brown paper bags and put, “Open when you feel stressed out.” Put in a letter telling him to work hard and I’ll see him soon, and some chocolate (Chocolate makes everyone feel better!), his favorite candy, and his favorite drink. 

3) Dress up your gifts with Free printable gift tags!


Thank you to Paper Glitter for making these! Print them out and stick them on gifts. A cute idea that I would use these for (I’ll probably be making my own using photoshop) is to stick them on water bottles, etc.

4) Adorable Nails!


Are these cute or what? Too bad I’m horrible at Painting Nails (I actually FAILED nail school… more on that later!)

Credit to Tia!

5) Cute Glitter Mason Jars!


No directions were given, but I’m sure you can figure out how to make these! I would think that it would be gluing on hearts and just sprinkling pink glitter! I would fill these up with either candy, or maybe some cute gifts. The candle idea looks great also! 

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