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Mini Review: Polar Watch FT4

Just got done exercising… Check out my Mini Review on the Polar FT4 Watch !

Like I mentioned in my older post, my boyfriend got me this after I dropped numerous hints on how I wanted a Polar Watch. This caught my attention after some fitness inspirations posted about it on their IG. I wrote it while running today, and it is a very motivational and easy to use gadget. 

In the picture below, it is displaying the time for me and the date!

You basically just put the watch on your hand like so and wear it while you’re jogging. How does it monitor your heart rate and see how many calories you’re burning?  It also comes with a strap. Basically, you’re just going to strap this onto your body (making sure it touches your skin)  around your chest.

Polar Replacement Soft Transmitter Strap

The strap is very comfortable and after I put it on, I don’t even remember about it! You can also wash it and the material is very soft.

 I can’t provide that much of a detailed review because I never read the box or anything like that (I’m always too lazy and it ends up biting me in the ass). But, there is an alarm setting, you can also update your training files (it tracks it for you), I love the light up feature and everything is adjustable and comfortable! 

I took this with my camera phone after running around the block and doing squats and jumping jacks. I actually ended up burning 700 calories, but didn’t take a picture of it.
I say it’s motivational because as I’m running and check my watch, I see that I’ve only burned like 350 calories… I would hard to make sure I’ll make it to 400! It really does make me try my hardest.
Is it accurate? I really am not sure… a lot of reviewers say that it is, but when I’m working out I just can’t imagine burning that many calories. That means I burned like 400 calories running 2 miles, maybe it is because I am so accustomed to using the crappy treadmill calorie burning estimator. I just need to remember that with the Polar Fit Watch I can enter in my weight, my age, and it is more accurate. 
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