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DineLA – Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruths Chris Menu0001

I got a chance to try Ruth’s Chris Steak House for DineLA! For those of you who do not know what DineLA is – it’s an opportunity to try fine dining restaurants (and other popular choices) for a fixed price. There is lunch and dinner prices and there are so many options to choose from! This is going on until the 30th but don’t worry, there is also DineOC, San Diego Restaurant Week, Newport Restaurant week, etc. 

For those of you who don’t know the restaurant Ruth’s Chris Steak House (Why is it Ruth’s, I always thought it was Ruth this whole time), it is a very popular steak house that is similar to Mortons and Flemings. We went to the Pasadena location, which has 835 reviews and $$$. Everyone at Ruth’s Chris was very nicely dressed (dresses and whatnot) and my sister who went before told me to dress up for the occasion. Usually, there is Valet but we parked at a parking structure across the street. I felt like the youngest person there, except for the 8 year old who went for her dad’s birthday party lol.


A pic of me and the BF before our meal 🙂

In General…

Service was amazing. Our waitress was very nice, our water cup was never half empty and they cleared the table for us and our entree didn’t arrive before we were done eating our appetizer. She mentioned all the delicious desserts and asked us if it was our first time at Ruth’s, she also was very patient as we were choosing what to get. The environment was very romantic, the lights were dim and no one in the restaurant was loud and obnoxious (something that is typical in other types of restaurants).


The bf got the Caesar Salad, he said it was one of the best Salad’s hes ever had. That’s quite an accomplishment since he’s a guy, the reason he chose this was because my sister said the soup was not that great..


I got the Ahi, I didn’t like it at all… It was edible but there was a strong wasabi taste that overpowered it. I actually begged my boyfriend to finish eating it for me while I took some bites of his salad. The lemon was very cute, they put the bag over it to stop the seeds from getting into the food (I think?).


My sister’s salad. She had the Steak House salad, which I was wondering why it didn’t have any steak… then I realized it was just the regular house salad lol.


Out of the four people at the table, 3 ordered the 12 oz Rib Eye Steak. It was delicious and so huge!!! It practically melts in your mouth and cutting it was so easy because it was soft and cooked to perfection. I got mine “medium” but it was too red so I asked them if they could cook it a bit more, the waiter was very nice and didn’t make me feel embarrassed lol. After the guys were finished eating this, we were so full.


My sister got the lobster and filet. She doesn’t recommend it because she said it was tiny (She had some of my steak), and the filet was as “rough” as the rib eye.


The mushrooms were nice, we also got mashed potatoes and broccoli. The pics were too blurry to upload.


The dessert was surprisingly filling. When I heard it was miniature sized I wanted to upgrade it to something else (I know I’m fat), but it came with BOTH options. The cake was amazing and the mixed berries were very refreshing. Perfect way to end our meal.


Maybe I didn’t finish my dessert because I got an add on (hehe), This is the Chocolate Duo. It was small but worth it, it was a molten chocolate cake and the little mug is actually pudding (I think?).

Adding a full sized dessert is only 4 dollars!

Final Verdict

1743214_10202117474532222_2055878125_n (1)

I snapped a photo of the steak menu… the RIB EYE is usually 42 dollars for the 12 ounce (what we get) 

I think for those who have always wanted to try Ruth’s Chris Steak House then you should take advantage of DineLA and try it. It’s only 45 dollars for the fixed menu and you already get the 12 ounce Rib Eye!!!!

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