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Brunch at Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil

Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil Review

3697 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807

I’ve always heard great things about this little cafe near my house, so I decided to try it out with my boyfriend before our trip to Disneyland!

I love how cute this looks! 

The freshly baked desserts : muffins, cupcakes, and a peek at the bar area.

It was easy to find parking (across the street) and there were plenty of parking space. The wait was long but there were cute little seats where we could sit outside. We saw people lined up outside, which is always a good thing to see when you are trying a restaurant for the first time.

The boyfriend got coffee (we were under the impression it was free) since no one told us it was an extra charge, but the upside was that it was free refills.

Overall, the wait was very pleasant and although the view was of the street, it was fun to people watch and just stare at the cars passing by.

hehe ignore the cutie sipping his coffee, but this was basically my view for the time being 😛

After about 45 minutes of waiting, we were finally seated. I observed the staff while we were waiting and they were very professional but also very personable. They opened the doors for guests as often as they could, and most of the exchanges between them and the guest felt very sincere. I noticed most guests knew the staff very well.

The booths were so cute! It was hard for me to take a picture of everything because it was SO BUSY and SO SMALL. You can see the tiny walkway for the little hallway, and the servers were running back and forth (with smiles on their face). We had a small two seater booth, which I loved – it makes everything feel so much more romantic and personal.

Some specials , didn’t see this until AFTER we ordered…

I got the Chili (Medium Size) and it came with Cornbread! The Chili was great, and wasn’t too salty. I ordered a side of Sour Cream, which i thought was quite pricey at first (.65) but it was a pretty big amount.

Corn bread was a pretty big slice, we couldn’t finish it!

Also, I got hash browns… they were delicious! I don’t usually eat hashbrowns, but Brandon said they were the best he’s ever had.

I also ordered mashed potatoes with “white” gravy.

I couldn’t finish it so I brought it home, it’s still untouched right now.

Clam Chowder, very small but good enough!

Brandon got the Cajun Chicken that came with a soup, for soup he chose clam chowder. The sandwich was amazing!!!!! I could actually taste the Cajun (unlike some places…), and there were so many avocados – they def. did not skimp on anything! I love avocados and I couldn’t even finish all the avocados (in case you’re wondering.. I had half the sandwich), I couldn’t finish my sandwich either.

Overall: I like the place, it’s very cute and quaint. I feel like most people who come here are regulars which is great, and we even heard the table behind us conduct an interview (just random people… not potential workers of Jongewarrds). But, there is alot of hype around this place but I can’t say anything since i did not try their bread bowl or their dessert. My boyfriend on the other hand loves it and says that the portions are just the right size – not too big where we will have to force ourselves to eat it, but not too small where we won’t be able to share. He, too, is in love with the environment and wants to go back. Our bill came out to be 25 dollars, with the coffee included. If you are ever in the area, stop by and have a bite here.

Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil

3697 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807



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