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Spending a day at Disneyland

I have had a Disney Pass ever since November but have only gone to Disney twice (including this trip today), because I can’t really ride any rides since I am very easily scared (heights included). This means I can’t go on the teacup ride since it spins me around too fast, swings, and sometimes even fast moving ferris wheels (although ferris wheels are my favorite rides).

If you do have a Disney pass or live in Anaheim then ignore this post because I am sure that you visit Disneyland quite daily and you probably see these magical sights daily, but for all other readers who don’t live near Disney then come take a peek at the very magical adventure I had today! Very picture heavy, but I’ll try to make it short and I also had lobster nachos!



The first stop we went too was to the castle!





It was actually very fun! There were many walkways we could go through but it wasn’t that big. I liked the dark staircases though.


We then went on a boat ride, it was very interactive. A girl was explaining all the scenery we were seeing and she was very into her job! Everything was very informative and it was quite funny. It was really amazing and it made me fall in love with Disney all over again. Just check out these amazing pictures that Brandon took (I was just enjoying the view hehe)


We then got to visit TOONTOWN ! 



We even took a picture with Mickey! I looked horrible in that picture so decided not to upload it, thank god! lol


I begged Brandon for some icecream so he took me to Dreyers, there was a crowd of people! We got the chocolate with chocolate peanut waffle cone, and the cookie dough with chocolate sprinkles waffle cone. The total was 11 dollars…



very much worth it. A couple asked us where we bought out icecream while we were walking around 🙂

Paradise Pier

We were done with Disney and decided to head over to Disney California Adventure!



Decided to grab some dinner at Brandon’s favorite place…



Great place to grab drinks and their most popular item on the menu is their lobster nachos!



It filled the both of us up!

Anyway, that was the end of our journey… until next time!

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