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Red Palace KBBQ

ImageRed Palace Korean Barbecue

19125 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703

For everyone who hasn’t tried KBBQ before, then you are missing out – that is, if you’re a big meat eater. This is my new favorite KBBQ place because it is only ten dollars and is all you can eat. But, in Cerritos where every block has a $10 kbbq restaurant this takes the prize because ….


1. All you can eat ice cream – I’ve never gone to a $10 ayce kbbq that gives you free icecream! Usually Star, Gen, or Cham is around 16-20 dollars and gives you icecream. The icecream here is actually good and they have many flavors.


My less than perfect scoop. They have cookie dough (really good), strawberry with chunks of I think blackberry or whatever, Chocolate, rainbow sherbet, and mint chip! 

2. Free soda refills (check in and you get a free soda!!!) 


3. Free rice, Miso Soup


Love their sides : korean potatoes, radishes, cold noodles, etc


Love how they actually give you a huge water cup so you don’t have to keep on asking for effing refills ! The teapot is filled with delicious hot and steamy Miso Soup…

4. Fast service

Their service is a lot better than other places since each server takes care of his and her own table. Also, the restaurant is pretty small so although the wait is long, its very well worth it. Brandon and I waited for an hour and a half on Friday night.

5. The meat is not frozen


Our clean grill…


Pork belly, brisket and chicken!





All of that for ten dollars! If you’re in the area drop by… Better than everyone else!

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