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Breakfast at “Pho King Way”



Before my boyfriend left so I wouldn’t have any distractions for homework, we decided to grab some Pho. He has turned into quite the pho expert since he regulary has it at work. We were debating between these places:

1. Pho America – We had this New Year’s Day and it was great. I love their lunch specials which come with generous sizes and free drinks.

2. Pho Long Beach – Walking distance from my house, but I’ve only been here once. Portions are big and my cousin (who just came here from VN) says it’s one of the best places he’s ever ate at.

My boyfriend wanted to go here because it had plenty of yelp reviews, around 600 I think and because of it’s name…. Pho King Way is very popular among my friends so I decided to try it also…

soup 1

I couldn’t control myself… and got the PK Appetizer which was $10 dollars. Pretty pricey, but very much worth it. Spring rolls, egg rolls, their shrimp (seriously good), their wontons (I think the first time bf ever had cream cheese crab wontons or something because he was getting excited) and their chicken wings.


All the sauces for our appetizers. I loved all their sweet and sour sauces which was very surprising to me.

I love how their menu is set up.

No Meat………………. R Bowl – $4.95….. L Bowl – $5.65
1-3 Types of Meat(s)… R Bowl – $6.55…. L Bowl – $6.95
4-6 Types of Meats….. Bowl – N/A……. Bowl – $7.55

Phở Prince Way Bowl(L Bowl) – $8.45
(Includes all of the above meats)

Phở King Way Bowl(XL Bowl) – $9.45
(Includes all of the above meats)


Unlike other places that just have a set menu, you are free to choose what you want. I got the brisket and meatballs.  I don’t know if it was just because of the appetizer, but Brandon and I couldn’t finish the whole meal. They not only gave us so much noodles, but also so much meat. I had to go and bring all the extra meat home for my doggies.



The broth was very light which I don’t like, don’t get me wrong… I know many people who prefer that but I like my broth with more flavor and heavy. Maybe I am just too used to the Garden Grove Pho joints. But, I do think that the broth fits the crowd of people who come here for lunch as it is close to many companies and across the street from the mall.


Our free dessert.

Overall: Service was great and very fast. Free refills on drinks (sorry, I always take this into consideration because my restaurant doesn’t do free refills), and the place itself was very big, clean and modern.

Overall Price: $35 dollars but left a 5 dollar tip. I ordered 3 bowls of large pho (bf, me, and to go for my sister), Mr. Pibb soda, and the delicious appetizer.

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