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Valentine’s Day In San Francisco!


Spent my Valentines day flying first class to San Francisco, had wonderful dinner at Plouf , went to the bar and ended the night with this lovely view. What a perfect day! Get ready for picture heavy posts. 



My first time having Lemonade… it was a bit pricey -_-” Since my dad is a Delta Employee we had to get a seat request. We headed to the airport at around 6 and our flight was at 7.

When we got to our terminal, we were happy to find that we made it – First Class also! It was Brandon’s first time in first class and since I haven’t flown in a while, I was pretty excited. The plane was super tiny though so first class didn’t really feel like first class: we did however, get snacks and any type of drink we wanted. Brandon got a jack and coke and I just got coke, I wish I got wine now but I’m not much of a drinker.


 This was our snack! Our Stewardess was very nice, but her job seemed very stressful.  It was like being a server… I can’t imagine how international flights will be like for her.


Wonderful view from the sky…

1891111_10202249416990701_2004686796_n 1794641_10202249416390686_2086098383_n

We got picked up from the airport by my sister who was already there since Thursday and headed off to our dinner.

Dinner @ Plouf

Located in Financial District in SAN FRANCISCO

 vday weekend 018

It was my first time seeing restaurants outside like this… I was very excited!

vday weekend 019 vday weekend 001vday weekend 002 vday weekend 003 vday weekend 004 vday weekend 005 vday weekend 006 vday weekend 008

My short ribs, delicious!

vday weekend 009

Beet salad

vday weekend 011 vday weekend 012

We both got the petite filet mignon

vday weekend 014

vday weekend 015

Our dessert was the delicious cheesecake and chocolate mousse. At first, I did not want to get the chocolate mousse at all but the waiter insisted and I’m glad I listened to him.

The price of our dinner was very expensive: 75 dollars per person not including tax and tip. Since it is Valentine’s day I will cut them some slack but I simply do not know what we are paying for. The restaurant has great food, I must admit but the portions were just okay and the environment, though romantic, had no view and was cramped. Service was fast and friendly but it was like any other restaurant. The meat is better than Ruth Chris, but also more expensive… and I prefer C Side which is half the price. Upon walking out and looking at other restaurants, we saw that their fixed dinner was cheaper at around 60 dollars but also – there was another restaurant that had dinner for 100 dollars per person! 

After Dinner we went to a bar, I don’t remember what bar so can’t help you guys there :/

Hyatt Regency

One of the most amazing part of this trip was our breathtaking hotel view. Everything was perfect here, I wish I could go back!!! Look at these pictures and you’ll see why…

vday weekend 024

  vday weekend 025 vday weekend 026 vday weekend 027 vday weekend 029

vday weekend 046vday weekend 044

vday weekend 040

vday weekend 039

I got to sleep to this amazing view…

vday weekend 050 vday weekend 047 vday weekend 048

And wake up to this beautiful view 🙂

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