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SF DAY 2 ! (Part 1)


China Town

The second day consisted of long periods of walking and making many mistakes… and learning from them. 


The wonderful Valentine’s day gifts my bf got me ! Kate spade Bracelet and Marc Jacobs watch. Thanks for everything baby! Back to the post…

Getting Around..

Our hotel had a complimentary shuttle that would take us back to SFO so we boarded it. My sister had rented a car but we decided not to, so we could ride public transportation.


vday weekend 055

woot woot

The BART is so expensive. I literally wanted to cry my eyes out (seriously). It was about 16 dollars for each of us to get a round trip from SFO to Downtown then back. So the amount came to about: $32 dollars. Yes, it was very quick and saved on gas but the price just caught me off guard.

 vday weekend 059

vday weekend 062

vday weekend 063

vday weekend 064

vday weekend 065

The Bart dropped us off right in front of the Farmers Market / Flea Market. It was so huge! There were plenty of artists around who were selling their own amazing and unique designs. We decided to go and check inside the building as we were both hungry..

vday weekend 066

vday weekend 069

Everything looked really great and everything was organic – gluten free! People were giving out samples all over the place, but sadly we did not get any. After browsing the menus, we saw that food here was really expensive and decided to eat somewhere else.

2) China Town

vday weekend 071

We stopped by a booth to buy this thinking we were staying until late Sunday. One day pass is 15 dollars but a 3 day pass is only 23 so we did this instead! This allowed us to travel in Cable Cars and public transportation for Free!!

vday weekend 070

vday weekend 072

First time in a cable car! The experience was so fun, each ride is 6 dollars! So expensive… but we got it for free using our “ticket”.

vday weekend 073

vday weekend 074

vday weekend 089

vday weekend 076

vday weekend 077

vday weekend 078

vday weekend 087

vday weekend 088

As you guys can see, China Town was so crowded! They were having a parade that day to celebrate Chinese New Years. The shops were filled with cute little couples pillows and interesting designs. Brandon bought my mother a lantern for her shop.

vday weekend 078

Hang Ah

Since we were in China Town, I wanted to get dimsum. After checking on yelp we went here, it had so many reviews and they were all great.

  vday weekend 079

vday weekend 080

vday weekend 081

vday weekend 082

vday weekend 083

vday weekend 084

I didn’t think dim sum would be enough, so we got combo A and C.

vday weekend 085

vday weekend 086

It was pretty good! Service was fast and friendly and they seemed to have a good amount of customers. The waitress apparently forgot one of the meals came with Broccoli and we reminded her, she was very professional about it. I loved the set up, it felt very authentic to me and reminded me of Vietnam.



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