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Ending my SF Trip


As you guys can tell… I’m slowly getting lazy with putting everything together..

On the way to Buena Vista

We finally caught up with a cable car after waiting for 30 minutes. It was pretty horrible because most of the cable cars actually stopped working and all the passengers had to leave!

 vday weekend 093

vday weekend 103

vday weekend 111


We got to see some nice cars driving around…


vday weekend 108

vday weekend 109

Buena Vista

Brandon wanted to go here to have one of their Irish coffee’s. It was SO busy, I usually don’t have a problem with crowded places but this was just horrible for me. We got to sit right in front of the bartender and watched him make like 50 Irish Coffee’s, he told us that he makes around 2,000 a day!!! That was literally his job, he just stood there pouring scalding hot coffee into the cups and mixing it with other ingredients. I actually have the video of him making it and will share it in the future!

vday weekend 115

vday weekend 113

Pretty nice view.


vday weekend 114

It was so crowded that someone bumped into me and spilled their coffee on me! Thankfully I didn’t even realize what had happened until Brandon pointed it out on my sweater. It was just the cream so it was fine.

Fishermans Wharf

We finally got to our destination….

vday weekend 122



vday weekend 123

vday weekend 119 vday weekend 120

Why the trip was semi-horrible

Then we literally headed back to the hotel. Why so early you ask? Well, I received a call from my sister telling me that I needed to leave at around 9 am so we were really upset to hear that. Also, I was tired. Walking around waiting for a cable car to show up made me tired, I was hungry and I was upset that we had to leave early.

So, we decided to eat in the hotel…. it was already 6 so after figuring out that we had to wait for a cable car to take us back to the station where we would then board the BART and finally take a shuttle back to our hotel I was very irritated. We were waiting and waiting and waitttingg for a bus to come pick us up from fisherman wharf, but busses just quickly passed us as they were all full. Everyone wanted to get home, and we ended up waiting with other other people for what felt like 45 minutes.

Finally, we decided to walk to the station- there was literally a sign that told us it would be a 20 minute walk. I know I sound like a big baby, but we spent the whole day walking… and we basically bought the passes for no reason as we only used the cable car TWICE and would not be using it anymore. We finally made it to the station, paid another 16 dollars for the BART. We waited at the airport for 30 minutes and gave away our passes to a nice couple who were in SF for another two days. Finally, the shuttle arrived and we boarded it.

Would it have been better to rent a car? Although renting a car is not too expensive (my sister rented a car), you also have to take into account the parking and traveling around also. Parking is pricey in SF, and there are so many one way streets that it is easy to get confused. I think that it was because of the Chinese Parade that the cable cars were all backed up.

Price of Transportation

SFO to DT SF: 18

Passes: 46

DT SF to SFO: 18


After giving our passes away to the couple I felt better..

I guess I was hungry and tired but as soon as we got to our hotel room, I felt happier and more relaxed. My sister joined us for dinner and also spent the night with us.

The hotel restaurant was just too expensive for us…

vday weekend 124

So, we spent the night ordering pizza and watching “Zoolander”


Trip Home

Since we were on Standby (I can fly almost anywhere for free… but with some disadvantages), we were not able to find a flight home so we decided to rent a car. Renting a car was surprisingly cheap, at only 130 dollars or so.

 vday weekend 127

vday weekend 130

Little Lucca

vday weekend 132

vday weekend 133

vday weekend 135

vday weekend 136

This was my first time here! The sandwiches were so HUGE that my sister and I only finished half of one (we shared!), and Brandon only finished half.

After that it took us about 5 hours to get home :/ but overall, the trip wasn’t too bad.

The End!

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