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6 things I’ve learned after working out for 6 weeks

Photo Credits: We Heart It


If you are looking for motivation, or barely starting out and want to work out then click below. I know 6 weeks may seem like nothing to most people, but remember Progress is Progress. I’m still lapping everyone on the couch! Can’t wait to post my before and after pictures!

1. You need motivation.

You need something to make this time different from all the other times you’ve tried to work out. 

Motivation can come in many different ways: it can be seeing your friend who lost weight and looks amazing, or it could be a photograph someone took of you that you just couldn’t believe was you. For me, it was both. You need to realize that losing weight takes time and effort. Sitting on your butt, and dreaming about having the bodies of those Victoria Secret Models is not going to help you. 

Also: follow fitness people on IG, it really helps and they will help you find the right workout for yourself! 


credit: we heart it

2. Workout with a Friend

I remember my first day at the gym (when school started) and I was just running a mile on the treadmill. I saw my best friend about two weeks in and she taught me how to use several machines. She also introduced me to my favorite machine: the stair master. Working out with her motivated me even more (yes, she is the skinny friend) and because she taught me how to use different machines I can go to the gym and use them confidently now.

She definitely pushes me to go the extra mile. When I first started on the stair master, she put it for 10 minutes. The next week, when I pushed the button for 10 minutes she told me, “It’s been a week You can go for 15 minutes now.” I finally was able to do 15 minutes… although I died multiple times during the way.

Not only that, but if you and your friend workout together then you guys will most likely eat together afterwards. We brought each other snacks such as hummus, slim fast shakes, or granola bars. After this week, we began to make food at home and take turns bringing food. Also, by doing that we got to eat more healthy! 


3. After 2 – 3 weeks in, it starts kicking in.



When I first started working out, it was hard. I ran a mile Monday – Friday and quickly left the gym. Why not do more exercises? Because I didn’t know how to do anything else.  I not only lacked the confident to try the other machines, but also the knowledge. Anyway, more on that later (read the above post). I dreaded going to the gym but knew that running the mile would help me eventually lose weight, but I still went home and binge ate. 

After two weeks in, I began to see changes (not in my body) but in my metabolism and energy. Whereas in the past, running that mile would make me feel tired throughout the day- running the mile made me feel more energetic. I also (for the first time in my life) began to stop eating after 7 and had no more cravings. When I do get cravings or hungry, I drink water and eat an apple.

I think that once you get serious about losing weight – when it really hits you; is when you will do anything and everything to work at it. Before, I would go to the gym and run but then go home and eat horrible stuff. But after working out now, I will go home and actually try to eat healthy. Even though I do not diet (see my food posts?) I eat soup, tofu, and try to eat more veggies and fruits.

3. Find out what works for you



I have tried to workout before and lose weight before this school semester but it never ended well. I would run 1 mile a day, then move up to 2 miles a day then finally 3 miles a day; but saw no changes in my body. I did this for about 2 months. I mentioned that I ran a mile 5 days a week at the gym for two weeks. I don’t do that anymore.

Instead, I use the Stairmaster for ten minutes at a speed of 12. Then I do jumping jacks with a 6 lb medicine ball and finally I do leg workouts. The stairmaster makes me sweat a ton and doesn’t give me shinsplints like the treadmill did; doing weights brings up my heartbeat and works out my arms and the leg workout kicks my butt at the end of the day.

I’m not saying that running is bad. But, I don’t run often anymore. But, today I did run half a mile on the track and found that I had more energy and was able to run faster than I did before. Who knew? Running made me feel like I was going to barf out a lung so the stairmaster it is! Now, I know why the stairmaster is so crowded all the time… it makes you sweat a ton.

4. Make Time.


I have to be honest. One of the reasons why I am able to work out so often is because my schedule is perfect. I don’t have a job this semester, so I decided that I would put all of my time into working out. I am able to work out before classes and sometimes even after classes for a total of 2 workouts a day if I’m lucky. But, you can also workout at home or walk  your dogs. You need to make time to workout, no one else is going to do it for you.


5. The feeling after your workout feels amazing. You will seriously get addicted.



This also applies to my horrible heart stopping mile runs that I did on the treadmill, yes – I felt like I was going to barf all over the treadmill but as soon as I pressed “Done” I felt AMAZING. You seriously get addicted to this feeling! Once you are on track, there is no stopping you.

My sister actually actually made me miss my workout because she was too lazy to go to the gym. I was so angry and decided to workout at home so I wouldn’t miss a day. I never knew that day would come… lol.   Remember being fit is a lifestyle! 


6) Never Give Up





P.s. buy some cute clothes! Nothing gives you more confidence (:

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