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OC RESTAURANT WEEK – Where I’ll be eating at !


If you guys remember my post on  DINE LA – Ruth Chris Steakhouse, where I was able to get a three course meal that would have originally cost around 70-80 dollars per person for about 40 dollars… well, it’s time for DINEOC! 

I was surprised to find that many people did not know about restaurant week… so Click under the tab to see where I’ll be eating, and what restaurants are participating!  


Look at all the amazing options… your chance to try expensive restaurants for half the price! I’m more of a dinner gal, so I chose the $30 dollar dinner Menus. Did I mention my parents are in Vietnam for vacation and didn’t leave me any money?! So… $40 Dinner menu… next time…

 Here are my choices! I tried my best to put the whole menu but it seems a bit small. 

1) Harborside

I know what I’m getting:

Starters: New England Clam Chowder

Entree: Prime Rib or Prime Top Sirloin or Shrimp and King Crab Louie

Dessert : Chocolate Lava Cake ala mode



2) Anaheim White House *

Starter: Lobster Ravioli

Entree: Braised Beef

Dessert: Chocolate Dome


You can access the website here!

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