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3 Favorite Workout Videos !



1) Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minutes

This is the routine I am doing today!

I am really digging this routine because of the “slow” burpees. I am so used to torturing myself by doing burpees during kickboxing that slow burpees are a great way to burn calories but take it easy on your body. I love the soothing voice and the girl in the video always looks so happy and enthusiastic. 37 minutes was pretty tough but like the comments said, “It is totally doable.”

2) Call Me Maybe Might Squat Challenge

This blew up a while ago and after watching it you should know why. The song was very popular and the challenge is actually very hard to do. Also, you can see results so quickly! The music helps numb the pain 😛 This is very tiring and I can barely finish it…but you’ll feel amazing when you’re done.

3) Want U Back Arms Challenge

As someone who has just started working out, I usually tend to focus on my legs because they are easier to find exercises that will help shape them; such as squats, running, doing lunges, and leg presses. But, my arms have always been big (I think those days of playing badminton def. contributed to that). So, here is a quick and easy workout exercise to get those arms into shape! 

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