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Dream Wedding Guide!

dream wedding guide

I just wanted to give you guys a look into my dream wedding! Hopefully my future husband will stumble on this post… it will be filled with tips!


I found all of these amazing pictures on pintrest. Here’s a little chart to start us off with.

I love these types of charts because they are filled with so much information but aren’t boring!


My perfect proposal would include all of these things! I know some people prefer it to be private but I would love to have friends and family involved in it as well (after, of course). I think the whole idea of having a little video clip with all of our favorite memories would be very touching. I would want it to be filled with memories but not too obvious, the whole let’s go to the restaurant where we had our first date would make me very suspicious!



I’d rather have this ring… in this cupcake! The ring is from Kay’s, and I like 3 stones. It’s not too expensive right? Well, compared to Tiffany’s :X



Being Vietnamese, I will be expected to wear an Ao Dai. My dream Ao Dai is this gorgeous one from Olivia Couture! I prefer to wear a wedding dress for the ceremony and the ao dai for the reception (walking around and greeting guests,etc).




I’m a big lace fan also, nothing too flashy (no train trailing behind me…. I’m too clumsy for that).Although I am fairly short, I would not wear a short wedding dress.


Dim lights, bright flowers, and inviting atmosphere! I always pictued myself having an indoor wedding but all these pictures make me want to have an outdoor one!



This is cute, maybe because I love pink. It looks very fancy.



I think this would be the most ideal for me. Not too fancy where guests will feel out of place, and the lighting is just amazing.


I love how this looks so easy to make! I never knew receptions started so early….


A great way to get guests involved! These are fun – and will be wonderful souvenirs for the future!


Have your guests write their name on a Jenga stick… when you play Jenga, you will get to read all their words of wisdom.


Source: The wedding scoop

That’s it for now! In a year or so… I’ll update my dream wedding 🙂 Even though I’m young… it’s fun to browse around and start planning the most wonderful day of your life.


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