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In need of motivation?

I was able to interview my friend because I believe that her story is so inspiring and motivational… This goes to show that if you work hard and try your best, good things will come. .


5 months ago Tatianna was at the lowest point in her life. She had just left her ex husband’s house with her son after enduring physical and emotional abuse. She was jobless and was having trouble coping with her life. Fast forward to now, at only 21 she has a blooming career, a strong relationship with her son and family and a new outlook on life. “Love yourself first,” she advises, “and always count your blessings.” Although she is already so successful, she will never forget where she came from. “It is the leading motivator of my life.”

But with great success also comes great adversary. Her biggest regret was having others control her life. She was in an abusive relationship and her (ex) husband left her and her son in poverty. “I had to decide the fate to either accept this life or change drastically to have the greatest life for my child.” She left her husband and instead chose a life as a strong woman for her son. But the transition was less than pleasant. She had to leave everything she was comfortable in, she stopped self pitying herself and focused in changing herself instead. She did everything possible to have a better life for her son.

Her proudest moment? The proudest moment was giving birth to her son. She works hard to make his life better and he is her primary motivator to succeed in life. “I am exhausted and in pain everyday at the end of my shift but I do this for my son.”

What about the future? Tatianna saves 90% of her income so she doesn’t need to work a 9-5 job in the future. “I endure carpal tunnel and nerve damage in my arms due to strenuous work but I maintain hard work because one day I won’t need to work so hard on my body.” She would rather suffer now and then live a content life with her child in the near future. “I deserve to have a good life, my hardship and suffering will be the reason to my better future.”

When I asked if she had any other advice to single mothers her answer was simple. “Always believe in your intuition. Never get sucked in negativity through others, and to love yourself because if you cannot love yourself first, you cannot love your child well roundedly.”

To everyone else, she leaves motivational words. “Never give up on your dreams and always count your blessings.” By doing so, we can only expect positivity and greatness. “We can do anything if we set our minds to it.”


Hope you guys enjoyed this article! I am so happy I was able to interview such a strong and humble young woman. Thanks again Tati ! 

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