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The Counter; build your own burger





If you guys are looking for a night out with great food, then come eat at the Counter. We stumbled on it purely by chance and we can’t wait to go again!!! Read below for more information & a quick review!


(So excited to go on our date)

Brandon decided to surprise me for our date night and take me on a “special date”. The place he originally planned was an italian restaurant but the wait looked too long, plus parking was horrible in Santa Monica. We drove around and finally parked, pulled up the yelp app and began searching for a place to eat. He is usually a huge fan of American food, and I don’t really like to eat Asian food (since I’m always surrounded by it) so we decided on a burger place. Usually, I try not to eat at Burger places because I can get a better burger that is 3x cheaper at in-n-out. We finally settled on the Counter which we thought would be like Slater’s 50/50. 

At first glance: The restaurant.   Brandon loves the counter because of its sort of like a diner. 

Everyone seemed very friendly and I loved our server; she was so upbeat and very nice. I also loved how the servers would sit in the same table as the customers (to take their order) – thats great customer service right there! He also said it felt like a mom & pop shop; and we both thought that there was only one “The counter” but we later found out that they have quite a few locations!


Specials: If you check into yelp, they will give you a free individual portion of fries.

 At first, I didn’t think they would be big… but when they came out we had a hard time finishing them. The fries were amazing!!


What we ordered: Custom Burger.

I took a screen shot of this from their website, and we used this to fill out what we wanted. I think they have more options than Slater’s, and their appetizer section was significantly smaller than slater’s also. That’s a good sign for me because that means that their menu is simple; and they only focus on a few items.


 This was my burger, I love avocado!!! 


Huge onion rings… should have gotten that.


Our bill came out to 35 dollars, since Brandon bought beer. Overall, cheap and I couldn’t finish my burger. We also got a rewards card so we will def. be back.



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