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Herbalife Review


Sorry for the horrible quality guys. Today, I will be reviewing Herbalife – a product that I used for three months. I am currently not using it at the moment. Anyway, before using Herbalife I had no idea what it was… now, it is very popular and some of my friends actually work as an independent merchandiser for Herbalife. There are also small stores that specifically make these smoothies, and there is one near CSULB called the green room if you guys are interested! 

1. Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate – Raspberry

2. Herbalife Aloe Concentrate

3. Herbalife Protein Mix + Healthy Meal


This review was completely out of the blue… I woke up with a bad stomach ache and after digging around for medication I stumbled upon the Tea. I was about to toss it but was surprised to see that it expires next year! So I made myself a cup in my huge coffee mug and looked through the fridge, I found the Aloe concentrate and checked the expiration date, it expires next year also! So, after drinking both of them I decided to make this review….

1. Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate – Raspberry

  • Antioxidant and thermogenic benefits of green tea and botanicals.*

  • Provides an energy boost and weight-management support.*

  • Delicious, instant and low-calorie.


The above was listed on their website. I actually wanted to buy the tea concentrate because I tried it at the Green Room and it just tasted great! Great meaning that it wasn’t too horrible tasting and actually felt healthy. I also heard it burns plenty of calories from a friend who works at the green room so that was the main factor in purchasing it. 


1. Just so easy to make.

I prefer this over the Tiny Tea!!!! Why? It doesn’t take long to make and you don’t need to soak it in water. I just take a scoop and put it in my cup, also – it is small and easy to carry around. Great for school as I can just go to Starbucks, get a cup of ice and put a scoop it…. the easier way is just to put it in my water bottle.

2. Tastes Great

I already mentioned this above, but I think it also tastes better than Tiny Tea. It most certainly lasts longer also…

3. It comes in a bundle

If you do decide to purchase a set, I believe it comes in a bundle so you wouldn’t have to buy it at the full price. At least, that was what I did.

2. Herbalife Aloe Concentrate

  • Relieves occasional indigestion*

  • Improves nutrient absorption*

  • Enhances intestinal health*

  • Contains antioxidants

Not sure how I feel about all these benefits because it’s realy hard to tell if it’s properly working. But, overall you’re supposed to take this like a shot (or I do). It tastes sorta weird… but you get used to it. I mean it can even taste good to some (my sister loves the taste). You mix it with a little bit of water and just drink it in the morning.

3. Herbalife Protein Mix + Healthy Meal

  • A healthy meal with up to 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.
  • 9g of protein and healthy fiber help support weight management.

Of course this is the whole point of the review as these are the most important and popular products from Herbalife! When I first started, this was really my first protein shake ever… and I was just so surprised and happy at how good everything tasted!!!!

My sister got the cookies & cream with Vanilla and I got the Mint Chip with Chocolate. I blend it in my blender and drink it….super delicious. At the dream room they have all sorts of flavors with a bar area where they make the drinks, it’s like getting your own drink at Starbucks. Herbalife offers: Pina Colada, Dutch Chocolate, Dulce de Leche , etc. 

It is supposed to be used to curb hunger, but when I drank it it worked for about 4 hours or so… I still had snacks though. Overall, I found it to be a pain to drink three times a day (my recommended- to lose weight for vegas) so I didn’t really follow it. But, If someone had the right motivation I’m sure it would pay off!!

My conclusion:

Herbalife tastes great, and results CAN be seen though it may take time. The downside? I had to pay about 150 a month (that was what I was told) but being cheap, I managed to finish my protein (protein only) within over a month (maybe two?). I just can’t imagine wasting that much money, but if you have the motivation and the money then I would say to try it… or head over to your nearest herbalife store (where they make drinks) and try one for yourself. Smoothies at the store near CSULB are only 5 dollars, so not too bad. Consider it a meal!



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