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Spending the Weekend In Green Valley Lake

winter time 058

I got to spend the Weekend at Green Valley Lake!

Everything was very unexpected. Brandon asked me if I would like to go to his family cabin, since I’ve never been there. I packed some warm clothes and we set off on our adventure on Friday. Little did we know it would be snowing up there! Brandon has never seen it snow up there before so we both were thrilled and excited!! 


The same picture but with a filter. The cabin is straight ahead!

As we were driving up the mountain, I was silently praying. Why? It was so foggy that some cars had pulled over to the side, but Brandon insisted that he was able to see. Suddenly, it started snowing. The only way we could see the road ahead of us was because of the cars in front of us. We were literally all going at 5 MPH. “They are going to leave us soon, they are going to Big Bear and we are going to Green Valley Lake.”  I should have put more faith in him because after all the cars left us, I closed my eyes for about 10 minutes and we arrived at the cabin!

Brandon told me that his cabin was the only cabin on the lake, the other cabin was a mile away. I felt uneasy going on the trip because I watch too many horror movies: the last house on the left, wrong turn, etc. Upon arriving, I was overjoyed to find that it was like a neighborhood! 

winter time 015

Obviously pics from the morning, but I love that little sign! 

  winter time 007

We arrived at the cabin and because it was already 11ish, we spent the night inside eating pizza and watching “This is the End.” I’ve stayed at Big Bear once, but the cabin was so gorgeous. It was two stories, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms! So huge.


I just loved it. Lots of history inside this cabin, and he was the cutest tour guide I’ve ever had 🙂

Brandon woke me up at 7 a.m. “Do you want to build a snowman?” He asked as I quickly got dressed. He was already showered and ready for a morning out while I sleepily looked on. When we got outside, I was amazed at the view I had missed the night before.

winter time 029

winter time 002

winter time 004

Brandon and his brother spent the morning “sledding”. I was too scared to try!

winter time 005

winter time 013

winter time 014

winter time 020

winter time 025

The cabin faces the lake so we have the best view in the neighborhood! They even have a little boat that we could take to go fishing (it was too cold of course). 

We all showered, and then embarked on a little five minute journey to the “town” – which consists of 6 shops: a general store, two restaurants, a bar, post office, etc.

winter time 060

 winter time 059

winter time 064

We had an amazing breakfast burrito (my first one!) which was about 9 dollars I think. Brandon told me he would buy me a shake but we didn’t have time. Does anyone know the difference between a shake and a malt? 

We then walked back to the house where we all took a one hour nap. We decided to go to a bar, so we walked back and stopped at the Eagle’s Nest. It was fairly new and had a great feel to it. I got the mountain dew… but it was really flat. Suddenly, we got a call that Brandon’s other brother was finally here with his girlfriend so we stopped by another restaurant called, Lakeside Inn. Their beers were only 2 dollars each! Everyone drank like four bottles except for me (I don’t drink beer).

After that, we enjoyed a night of carne asada, chicken, mexican beans and rice. We also watched bad Grandpa, which I thought wasn’t that great…. but maybe since i wasn’t drinking.


Getting the grill started!

Lake Inn Restaurant

Since it was our morning, we had breakfast at the lake Inn restaurant!  I love the restaurant, it has a huge circular table in the middle with a fireplace. Very nice… and warm!

 winter time 035

winter time 030

winter time 032

winter time 033

The boyfriend and I ended up getting the individual pizza (which is 12 inches… so its huge.) & the steak!

winter time 037

Yummy salad… so good. 

winter time 038

The steak was great. 

winter time 040

winter time 041

The pizza was amazing. Best Pizza I have ever had!!! I’m not a big pizza fan but I ate almost four slices. When we went to the restaurant yesterday, a man told us to get the pizza because “it’s amazing.” I’m glad we listened to him!

We headed down to Big Bear next since it’s only 20 minutes away. I was feeling carsick (for the first time in my life), maybe because Brandon was chasing his brother up the mountain or all the turns… I have no idea. We stopped by this bar (Whiskey something) and I literally fell asleep on his shoulder for 30 minutes. to make up for it… he took me to buy sweets 🙂 

 winter time 042

winter time 044

Pretty cheap and she gave us huge scoops!!! These are only a single scoop and they are just so huge.  I got dulce de leche and he got Chocolate chip cookie dough. Total: 5 something.

The End.

winter time 057

Hope you liked reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!! I just came home from the trip and literally wrote this. 



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