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Work Out Equipment – Gold Gym’s Weighted Hula Hoop & Jump Rope


My sister headed to Target to find her “Step Up” – something that she has come to love ever since her personal trainer made her do all sorts of things on it. Sadly, Target didn’t have it so we headed to Walmart. After skimming the extensive workout equipment, I saw a Gold Gym’s Weighted Jump Rope and wanted to buy it. My sister on the other hand, saw a Gold Gym’s weight Hula Hoop.  

We ended up buying both items, Read below for a mini Review  + Pictures !

1. Gold’s Gym Weighted Fitness Hoop


Get your whole body moving with the Gold’s Gym Weighted Fitness Hoop. Strengthen and tone your core and waist while having fun and improving balance, coordination and endurance. Check out the exercise guide and workout DVD to get started.
Gold’s Gym Weighted Fitness Hoop:
  • Have fun and improve balance
  • Whole-body workout
  • Workout guide and DVD included
  • Foam padding for extra comfort
  • 2.5 lbs



Excuse the lighting… even though I tried to fix it – it didn’t work.

On first use, my sister told me, “It hurts so much, is it supposed to do that? Google it.” After googling it, I found out that many people said it hurt them for the first 5 or so sessions, but it turned out to be one of their favorite forms of exercise. After doing it for about 5 minutes she gave up! 

2. Gold’s Gym 3-in-1 Jump Rope


With this Gold’s Gym Jump Rope, you can change the weight, adjust the length and vary your workout routine to meet your individual fitness goals. Designed with precision ball bearings and adjustable weights in the handles, this innovative jump rope helps you target areas of the body to tone and exercise. Easily portable, the Gold’s Gym Rope, 3-in-1, is lightweight so you can carry it in your backpack, gym bag or suitcase. The sports jump rope adjusts up to 9′ and includes a key for quick weight adjustment.
Gold’s Gym 3-in-1 Jump Rope:
  • Precision ball bearings create smooth rotation
  • Non-slip foam handles keep you comfortable
  • Two .25 lb weight increments per handle
  • 9′ adjustable length rope
  • Adjustable key for quick weight adjustment
  • Create a portable workout routine
  • Design an exercise plan that targets specific areas of the body
  • Exercise indoors or outdoors


The directions along with everything else made me scared, because I’m horrible at following directions and putting things together. I bought a weighted jump rope once, but it was a bit long for me. In my opinion, if a jump rope is too short for me then it’ll be harder for me to jump – if its too long then I’ll be more likely to mess up. Length really does matter. So, I love that I am able to adjust the weight and the length of the rope. 

Since the jump rope seems a bit complicated for me to do, I’ll do a review on it compared to my school jump rope in the future after I try it out.


  1. Madeline says

    hey girl ! long time no talk, Ive dissapeared haha 😦 I just moved back to America, but omg I just started jump roping ! I am toooo poor and lazy to sign up for a gym again and I think jump roping is an full body work out? My rope is like a little kids rope though lol

    • I know its been forever!!! haha; its okay!! the one I use at my gym is like a kids jump rope… >.>” its like green, purple, etc. really flimsy and cheap.

      Two weeks ago I accomplished 1000 (on my jump rope) – it was hell but I dropped my body fat percentage by 8% jumping rope so keep it up!!

      – Diana

      • Madeline says

        Wow congratulations! !! Thats so fantastic. Also I hear you should face upwards as you jump it slims your face down as well.

        I was considering buying a fancy jump rope but I didn’t think it was necessary!

      • thats a good tip! lol, im always looking down cause I seriously trip alot and when I do it hurts me 😦
        Plus, my face is sooo chubby haha so itll be good to slim it down

  2. Madeline says

    Oh I have a question! When you jump rope do you jump really fast like barely lifting your feet of the ground, and just jump for a set amount of time?

    I think I want to do that for 30 minutes straight, I just tried it, its so intense I haven’t jump roped since elementary school lol

    • For me, I jump really fast and lift my feet for only a little (maybe because I’m so used to it). I know some people who start out do like a two hops?? lol to get into the swing of it.

      But since I’m chubby (-_-), I jump 100 then I do like 15 -25 jumping jacks, then I repeat. I know people who just do 1000 without stoppping… I can’t do that yet lol it’ll kill me.

      • Madeline says

        Its ok your stamina will increase for sure! I haven’t been working out recently as I was with my aunt and cousin. Chinese people don’t really work out, besides taking a walk haha. I read your post about gaining 30 lbs, and girl I feeel you. But to be honest I think being chubby isn’t that bad. I think its because I am older now , its not that big of a deal to me – so dont worry about it, youre working at it now so thats all that matters 🙂

        Its funny how I am not too concerned about gaining so much weight whereas if this was during college I would have so much anxiety .

      • haha I know right?, I don’t really care as much; plus I only hang out with my boyfriend most of the time so I don’t really see anyone. Plus, I don’t have anyone to impress. >.>

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