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My nails for the week – Boho Bonnet (ORLY)





Stopped by to pick up my mom at work and got my nails painted with BOHO BONNET from ORLY.  First time painting it this color and although I don’t think it suits my skintone my mother loves it.





Sorry guys, I know my nails look ugly in here – But I’m still trying to find my “pose”.

My future posts: Eurkea burger, Soju Belly (so good… seriously), and my Mandelic Acid Serum Review! As you guys can tell… I don’t study for Finals. Just kidding! I cram the day before… I do better under stress.. don’t judge me!

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      • juliwilliams says

        You are too sweet 🙂 thank you and that color is just beautiful. Hope you have a great day today
        Juli Xx

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