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Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day!!

I have a huge final tomorrow that I have yet to study for (that class is pretty easy but now… Major stress!) The final is at 11 a.m. :/ Anyway, I woke up this morning at around 10:30 – my parents were out and would return home at 11:30. I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth, swept the house and left to go to the local korean market. Local meaning about 15-20 minutes away by freeway! I was pretty stressed because I have yet to get my mother a gift and didn’t know what to get her. She is too picky! Finally, I got off the exit but I had no clue which market I wanted to go too… SO I drove to 99 Ranch, thinking they would have korean meat…They had korean food but no meat. I also bought some green onion pancakes from there also!

99 Ranch

I entered 99 ranch, parking was just too crazy for me! I quickly grabbed some glass noodles (I think?) and some fish cakes… I also stumbled upon these green onion pancakes which were only a dollar! I’ve only had green onion pancakes once, and they were amazing so I grabbed those too. I also bought some walnut Bread from the bakery. It’s pretty funny… people always speak Mandarin or Taiwanese to me because I look more chinese.


So glad that there was a daiso right next to the 99 Ranch Market. I went inside Daiso, taking my time, and picked out a hat for my mother along with other weeding supplies since we are getting our garden renovated. I walked out happily.

Zion Market

After that, I headed to Zion Market to look for Korean meat as there were none at the 99 Ranch market. I got a call from my sister saying, “Come home. Mom is mad that you aren’t home and she is yelling at me.” So I was even more stressed out by this time. Nonetheless, I ran to Zion Market lol.  I never ordered meat from the meat section (as in talking to those guys and then having them weigh it, etc) so I didn’t do that. At the checkout station, the lady spoke Korean but I told her that I didn’t speak any..

When I got home… my mother was in a great mood? But my sister was in a horrible mood because my mother was yelling at her. My mother explained that she was upset because I wasn’t home and my dad had work at 4 (he takes a two hour nap also) and that I came home at 12:30… they were done eating. 

So, I bought all that food and was not able to make it… until 4 when my dad woke up from his nap and was ready to eat again. This time my sister wasn’t at home because she had work but my parents ate with me.





These pancakes were so good but they burned quickly… maybe next time I’ll stick them in our mini oven and toast them.


My favorite glass noodles!


Marinated pork butt (I barely found out it was pork AFTER cleaning up the food). I thought it was beef the whole time! It was very soft and tender… my parents loved it. I never knew buying meat from the market would taste so good… lol


Yummy fish cake.


Delicious banana walnut bread. It was perfectly moist and not too sweet.


The meat – all cooked.


So hard not to burn this.


Glass noodles.


Reminder to all the mother’s out there…



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