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Mandelic Acid Serum 10% – MUAC


Back with my favorite line – makeup artists choice!!  I love love love their Mandelic Acid Line !!! You can read all other reviews at the bottom of this post * I’ve been using this for about for almost three months – usually I wait about a month or two to write a review but I just love it so much!!! Read below to hear me rave about this product and some of the Cons about it!

Let’s start off with the Basics… the website states that..

What is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid.  Derived from bitter almonds, it has a number of benefits for the skin.

The molecular structure of mandelic acid is larger than better known alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid.  This means it takes longer to penetrate the skin’s surface and is much less irritating.


–Rapidly exfoliates dead skin cells and surface debris from the skin.
–Mandelic acid has antimicrobial/antibacterial properties, making it an excellent choice for all types of acne, including cystic acne.

–Loosens blackheads for easy extraction.
–Reduces the appearance of large pores.
–Deep cleans the skin of oil and dirt.
–Refines the tone and texture of the skin for a healthy glow.
–Excellent for clients with darker skin tones.  It does not cause the unwanted, lighter skin tone changes that you might experience with other AHA’s.
–Mandelic acid inhibits the growth of melanin, the cause of brown patches, freckles, uneven skin tone and other sun-related skin care issues.
–Mandelic acid, with continued use, can help repair sun damaged skin.
–Reduces lines and wrinkles without the irritation of other AHA’s.
–Mandelic is typically an excellent exfoliator for clients suffering from Rosacea.
Also, here are the instructions on how to use this product:
Instructions: Cleanse and tone your skin. Apply serum to dry skin. Begin with an every-other-night application until your skin adjust to the serum. Once the skin has adjusted, use nightly.

How I use this product:

I actually didn’t follow the directions at all. I started using it everydayand after a week I stopped using it everyday. The product is pretty drying. First off, I wash my face with the Mandelic Acid Cleanser, tone my skin with the Mandelic acid Toner & finish off with the Serum. After a week of doing this, I began to alternate. I would tone my skin OR apply the serum. When I wake up, I would just put on moisturizer. 

Pros !

1. Goes along perfectly with the rest of the line.

I always heard from people that I should use the same line for my skincare as it compliments each other very well. I was always afraid of doing that because I was worried my skin would get used to it… but I really love how the Mandelic Acid Serum just works so well with the toner and cleanser.

2. Skin looks more glowy & brightens up my complexion.

My skin always seems to be a bit red… maybe from my skin being burned by harsh chemicals (thanks to overusing certain products). But, the Mandelic Acid really balances out my skin. When I wake up, my skin looks and feels smoother.

3. Pores look smaller.

Since Mandelic Acid exfoliates skin, my pores look smaller! Partly because it gets all the gunk out of my skin (from using makeup), or just because my pores are filled with gunk when I’m too lazy to use my Clarisonic.

4. Blackheads become looser.

The benefit of clearing the gunk out from your pores is that you are less likely to develop blackheads – AND your existing blackheads becoming looser, which makes it easier for extraction. I don’t manually extract my blackheads (sometimes I leave scars), so I use my Clarisonic with my Apricot Scrub.

5. Strong.

This can either be a good thing or bad thing depending on your skin type. Luckily, my skin is already used to strong derm products. The serum is extra strong… I mean it is a serum after all. Plus, since I use it every other night then I use it more often than my Peel. 

6. It lasts a long time & hygenic

I remember when I first got it, “Ugh, what a little dinky bottle!” But it lasts a long time because of the dropper.  Also, since it’s not a jar or anything, it’s pretty hygenic! Love it.




1. Stings

Just like the peel, it stings when you put it on and you have any open spots.

2. Very Dry & Strong

Unlike other serums that I’ve tried , which seem to soak in (Retinol Serum, Clinique) – The serum absorbs but it makes my face feel sort of sticky and dry. I don’t use my moisturizer after using the serum… but I really should.

3. Wear sunscreen please.

This is with ALL THEIR PRODUCTS. Please wear sunscreen, my face was on fire when I forgot to wear sunscreen one day. When I came home my face was all red. This is a strong product, and since it exfoliates your skin – it will make it thinner… wear sunscreen!

4. Pricey?

It lasts a long time, but a 1 oz bottle is around 27 dollars. Maybe I’m just cheap?

Overall, I am madly in love with the Mandelic Acid Line!!! But, I do think I need to buy a moisturizer from MUAC ; the Egyptian Magic Cream isn’t doing much for me. 

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  4. Tammy Ladipo says

    Hey, I recently purchased thing & I experienced peeling. I’m using the Mandelic toner & serum. Did you experience this also ?

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