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It’s Finals Week

1. How I feel about my Microbiology Test.


2. How I react when I find out that others have been ace-ing all their finals.

It’s hopeless for me… don’t let me drag you down. 

tumblr_lvyfnhAtoP1r2z1cto1_500 (1)

3. How I would describe the zombies in the Library.

I mean… if I actually did go to the Library.



4. While studying for my tests / While taking my tests.



5. How I’ll feel as soon as finals is over.

Tired, dark eye circles, messed up skin… maybe even traumatized.


6. What I’ll do after finals is over.

Or maybe just netflix…


I wish I could have a takehome final… seriously. Anyway, off to “Study” guys! Or take a nap. 


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