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Yummy Pennywort Juice!

Vietnamese Pennywort Juice!

Credit goes to  CH3RRI-BLOSSOMS

Credit: Ch3rri Blossoms


As you guys can tell, I always try to find ways to not study! Today was ridiculously hot – 103 degrees in Cali! I just spent the whole day in a daze… took my final, went home and felt so uncomfortable. I also haven’t worked out in a week so I felt very… icky about myself. I was so excited to find out that my mom was making pennywort juice! Have any of you guys tried it? Read below to learn about the health benefits of Nuoc Rau Ma (Penny Worth juice) and how to make it! It’s simple and so delicious!!!



Distracting myself from finals…blogging & drinking this cold, fresh Pennywort!!



My mom, hard at work!

Pennywort juice is delicious and super healthy. My mom simply picks them from our garden and just blends it in our blender. Then she takes the remaining and she squeezes all the juice out (don’t worry… her hands are clean!). According to research, Pennywort has also proved to cleanse and purify the blood stream and can remedy certain skin conditions such as eczema, chronic ulcers, sores, and scleroderma. It also can slow the aging process! For me, pennywort is a type of drink where you know it’s doing your body good – it tastes delicious and cools me down quickly. 

If you ever visit Vietnam, it isn’t uncommon to see people on the street selling Pennyworth juice (nuoc rau ma). For less than a dollar you can grab it to go (in a plastic bag) ; I miss the smell of freshly made rau ma in Vietnam.  Of course, the rau ma tastes better in Vietnam (but they do put sugar in it) and since it is so hot and humid in Vietnam… the cold refreshing drink will taste 100x better!

How to make Pennywort Juice

1. Just have some pennywort

2. Sugar, honey if you’re looking for a healthy alternative.

(Note, I do not use sugar in my pennywort… to make it even more healthy!)

3. Water.

Blend it all together and you’re done! Perfect for a hot day… 


After my mom makes the pennyworth, I keep it so I can rub it all over my body and face.





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  1. one of the most healthy juice and yet my favorite one too 😀 but I don’t make it myself at home since it takes quite some times 😛

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