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How I spent my weekend – Handels Ice Cream & Neighbors


Hi guys, hope your weekend ended off on a great note. I spent this weekend (like last weekend) at the boyfriend’s house. I love spending it there and have only recently started to do that since he asked permission from his parents to see if I could sleep over. Also, I used to make fun of his area (he’s from the subs, whereas I’m from the city) but I have learned to love it. I love the fresh air, the beautiful trees and wonderful neighborhoods. Everything about it is the complete opposite of LB; it’s quiet, everyone knows each other and everyone is friendly!

On Friday, I was able to go and we watched Neigbors. It was hilarious and it really made me think about what I would do in that position. I am not aggressive, but I understand how I would be annoyed also. The movie also made me wish I partied more…but I’m too happy with my life at the momeny – maybe in HK I’ll go crazy? 😛

I have a pic heavy post, but if you’re interested in the famous Handel’s icecream then click below for some yummy pictures!

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt

Hopefully you guys who live in Cali have heard of Handel’s. It’s very popular and widely known, there are so many locations! Brandon and I first went here around last year and we got something that we didn’t really like. It was just too sweet, we decided to go for the classic flavors this time instead of the sundaes, etc. We got there on a Sunday around 2 pm and there wasn’t a long line.






Getting ready to order

We did have a little bit of trouble ordering, but I finally chose just a regular scoop and so did Brandon. Service was very fast, and the girl at the window was very nice.


Wasn’t sure about what the real name of this was… sorry guys.



Both of our ice cream was super good and we are glad we gave Handel’s another chance. 

Swim Time!



Brandon’s family is cleaning their pool so we decided to swim at another place instead. We decided to walk there which wasn’t bad at all because it’s only 3 minutes away. Look at the wonderful view we had!




Silly boyfriend of mine striking a pose.



He told me to take a picture of this sign..he also asked me if I had massive Diarrhea 14 days ago…




Look at him dive!!! 



failed attempt at taking self timer shots.


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  1. LOL that pool diarrhea sign literally made me snort when I read it. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

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