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3 Blogs I’m currently reading…

3 Blogs I’m currently reading !

Looking for a blog to add to your blogroll? Interested in hair, fashion, and beauty? Well, here are some blogs that I’m reading and you should too! Here’s a little snippet about each of the bloggers.

 1) Kryz Uy

I already featured her on my blog before- along with Xiaxue and Fay but I love Kryz Uy. If you’re looking for a new fashion blog to follow, look no further. The thing I love most about her is that she shares her imperfections with her readers and tells her readers to love themselves. She admits her flaws and works hard to better herself. She is also part of the Dove Campaign! It’s hard to believe that someone as beautiful as her can feel insecure, but reading her blog makes me feel motivated and inspired!



So classy & sophisicated 


My favorite outfit posts from her! 

2) Beautify Meeh

 I actually found this blog on youtube, but stumbled upon it again just a few days ago. Angel is known for her makeup tutorials and I love her korean inspired makeup tutorials. Her blog also consists of hauls, plenty of photos of her happy family (seriously… they are so goodlooking!) and I love the cute blog posts about her & her husband. The thing I love most about this blog is that Angel shows before and after pictures & has step by step tutorials on how to put on the makeup; I don’t know why but I love looking at pictures instead of watching a clip.



3) Qiu Qiu

I actually found out about QiuQiu’s blog through Xiaxue’s blog. I love this blog because it’s filled with food pictures and Qiu Qiu is always traveling! Now I know where to go when I visit Japan! I love how straight forward and honest she is; plus she is major eye candy! Here’s a quote in her about me that I think is pretty funny, “You can say i am not very smart but you cannot say i’m ugly, unless you wanna be a liar =D Have a great day, think positive!”


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully you guys found new blogs to read! 

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