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Perfect Date Night


Good Morning guys! I’m back with something I worked on last night until 1 am… a perfect date night. This look is more casual but I love all the pieces involved (of course…since I made it hehe). I want to make a spread a week and feature Etsy Shops in it! I am not getting paid or anything to do this, but I love helping out and plus – their products are just so unique!

Your Life Style

The cutest watch ever! – $9.99

I stumbled upon this shop while searching for the best accessories to go with this outfit. This watch is so fun and classy! The shop is quite popular and has 100 reviews and 4 1/2 stars! Check it out if you’re looking for something to glam up your outfit.

Outfit Details

1. MK bag – I chose this bag because I want it for myself! A bit pricey though…

2. Black and White Striped blouse – I was browsing Korean whole sale websites and found this perfect combo.

3.F 21 no fuss wedge sandals – Isn’t too tall, and brown goes with everything!


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