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Turmeric for Acne – Face Mask


Read below for the benefits of Turmeric, A simple mask (Extra Virgin Olive oil & Turmeric), and some pics!

My History with Turmeric

I remember in my highschool days when my acne was especially bad – my dad would take me to the Vietnamese Market and buy me Turmeric pills. These pills helped with inflammation and would calm down my acne by fighting bacteria. The pills were expensive, around 25 dollars for a months worth. My parents stopped buying them for me after three months because they were getting too expensive.

Fastforward a few months and my family had ordered “Kem Nghe” from Vietnam. My skin was pretty bad by now, so we had about 30 boxes of Turmeric. I began to sell it on Soompi, although the actual product did not really show any results for me. Maybe it was because the product was mixed in with other things..


My parents also began to grow Fresh Turmeric in our garden, and would cut up the pieces. I would then dab it all over my spots. The thing about Turmeric is that it leaves a stain on your face – I remember going to school one day and having a boy ask me why my face was yellow. Although I was only able to put it on at night and it was a hassle, it really worked for me. I believe that fresh, natural Turmeric works best. 

Benefits of Turmeric 

1. Turmeric can help with hyperpigmentation & Uneven skintone.

2. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

3.  It regulates the production of sebum.

4. Helps with Scarring & Burns. – My mother always dabbed Turmeric on my new scars (cuts, etc) so when it fades, it won’t be too red.

5. It’s great at exfoliating your skin!

There are plenty of other uses for Turmeric, from your hair to your feet! 

Turmeric Mask

There are plenty of recipes for a mask; but I prefer just two ingredients: Turmeric & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Put on for 15-30 minutes, then wash off ! 


With my fresh ground Turmeric (from VN) and a sponge to apply it to my skin.


This is with the EVOO added in. 


See how yellow your face will get? Please make sure that you use it only at night!!! Since it is summer time, I can use it in the daytime also. I’m wearing this as I’m finishing up the post.


Use only at night because your skin will stain. 

It will get on your clothing and will be really hard to wash off; so be careful! 

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  1. Madeline says

    Omg I got sooo tired of using tumeric, It stained everyyyything and I wanted to use it on my body like my back but holy shit it was a huge mess lol

    • I know, I went to take a picture of it and then my hands stained my new bed sheets. 😦 My face is all yellow now, even after washing it off -_-”

      • Madeline says

        omg yea when I used it on my body it stained my shower…my sink…my fresh undies…my towel.. i was sooo pissed off LOL so I bought a tumeric cream instead, no stains!

  2. i’ve heard so much abt the healing powers of tumeric, maybe i will try it out one day! 🙂 Thanks for sharing dear

  3. For a brown skin person such as my self, this would make me look Jaundiced and I’m not one for messes. I’ve found other remedies as well but are less messy. Good luck with this though.

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