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Mini Haul from F21.



I went shopping at F21 yesterday and were so happy to find that all items on Clearance were an extra 50% off. These items were surprisingly cheap! The shorts and skirt were about 5 dollars. I purchased other items for my vegas trip but decided to take a photo of these because the rest were dresses and just too much work to take all the pics -_-“



Love these ombre shorts, the first kind I’ve ever owned.



In love with the detailing on this shirt.



The reason I chose this skirt was because, although it seems very simple, I believe the color combo can go with anything I wear. If I wear it with a button up shirt, then it’ll look classy. I can also wear it for a night out with the girls to the club or bar hopping! Also, the pockets on the side give it such a nice sophisicated feel. 


  1. christinajavete says

    That’s so funny that ombre shorts are in style! I had a pair when I was in 5th grade and thought they were so cute! ❤ I might have to get some new ones!!

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