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Spring Accessories ! Etsy Featured Shops

spring time

Back again with my Etsy Featured Shops! I did this last night and it took longer than I thought it would take… about an hour. But I’m still learning very slowly and gathering up inspiration from magazines! I want to note that I was not paid or asked to feature any of these shops. I also took time out of my day to find these shops 🙂

Featured Items/Shops

Click on these links and send them some love. Also, browse their shops and see if there’s anything else you like!

1. Cute Springtime Phone Case – These cute cases are only ten dollars each! I’m planning on buying one from here…they look unique and this shop has great reviews!

2. Darling Flower Crowns – I stumbled upon this shop while searching up “etsy” in the tag. I love all these beautiful pictures, and the landscape just looks so peaceful! The flower crowns look very well made and there should be some graduation lei’s coming up soon! Also, I am so happy to say that these flower crowns are not at all pricey! They range from 8-14 dollars!

3. Turquoise leaf earrings studs – Made by the etsy shop: Lepun; these caught my eye. Originally, I planned to get other earrings from the same shop but changed my mind once I saw this in the “You might like” column. They are the perfect color and I’ve never seen anything like it. $14.00! 


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