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DIY: Home Office Inspiration!

home office inspirations

I used to believe that I wanted to spend the rest of my life having a job that required me to walk around and basically not be stuck in a cubicle all day. I said that, partly because at a young age I was taught by teachers and my peers that having an office job was “boring”; a job where my life would slowly waste away (sorry to all those who have office jobs!!). But, now that I am older… I realized that I want an office job. I love writing, typing away at the computer and planning ideas on a story board. Writing at a computer and doing research relaxes me… whether I’m typing an essay or writing a romantic comedy. Of course, gathering ideas by taking a walk in the park is great also. 

Here are some home office ideas that I found off Pintrest, hopefully one day I will have a home office of my own (unless my parent’s wish of me being a nurse wins). 



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The thing I love about this little makeshift home office is that you can base it around a closet to save even more room! Also, I love using desktop computers for business so I like this picture hehe.

Love this photograph; the colors blend perfectly together. Also, the quote, “Happiness is a room filled with books & a closet filled with shoes.” Talk about motivation!   Click here to visit the Pink Little Notebook /


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A perfect little cork board that can be used as a story board, or just for some cute photographs of your loved ones. My favorite quote is smack in the middle also (albeit very small), “Everything happens for a reason!” I hope to be able to have a setting like this one day. Books or magazines for both reading pleasure and for inspiration. Copious amounts of collages either from magazines or pintrest to help fuel my creative thoughts and a handy pen and paper to jot everything down! 


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I chose this one because it has some colors that really mix well together. I love the whimsical pattern on the rug, and the cool blue walls; overall it’s something different and is very appealing.

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Found on

I like this one best. It looks very cool and sophisicated; and I love the idea of using a wooden box to store all my books and magazines. Fresh flowers on a desk are a sign of the beginnings of a great week. Notice the corkboard on the left hand side with the little lamp, just perfect!


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  1. I love having my home office that I created by converting my spare guest room closet. I removed the doors, so I didn’t feel so cramped and when I do have overnight guests, I can just put the doors back on. I found a great desk at a hotel liquidator that just barely fit, but was perfect and added a floating shelf and green and orange accents.!

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