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3 Blogs I’m Following

three blogs im following

Putting my blogging goggles back on and I’m back with my “3 blogs I’m following.” I hope you guys get a chance to check out their blogs because for new bloggers like me it gives me a chance to look at their pictures, get inspiration and be motivated. All of the blogs are successful for a good reason – they engage with their followers, post regularly and are all so talented! 

its not her its me

First one up,  It’s not her it’s me was started by the talented blogger/photographer Toshiko Shek. I stumbled upon her blog while searching up inspiration from the FOREVER 21 website, she posted up a guest post talking about Spa Water. She caught my attention because I loved the graphics, they looked very clean and simplistic but also eye-catching. I’m a big fan of fashion bloggers who also have strong writing skills. She puts her skills to good use and is a Wardrobe & Floral Stylist along with being a Visual Merchandiser.  How talented is that?

romantic flower

Romantic Fawn is owned by Elaine Jung, who is just 16 years old but is certainly very popular. With over 16K followers on Instagram, her photos are filled with class and elegance.  I love her style, which is very feminine. & of course, I am following her on IG and on her blog 🙂 At such a young age, she is already so inspiring and determined. Goes to show that age doesn’t matter when it comes to passion. 

stylish petite

Stylish Petite was started by Annie in 2010. I love her blog because she is exactly my height and doesn’t look anything like it! It’s great because I can gather some fashion inspiration from her, there are hidden rules for short gals like me and I don’t know any! At first glance I didn’t even know she was that “petite” until reading her about me… so if you want to know how short I am read hers 😛 Again, I love her style… I can totally see myself wearing her outfits to work or on a cute date. 

I hope you guys all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

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A 27 year old college student majoring in Health Science. I'm a blogger who loves to design and spends her free time seeking inspiration from magazine articles. I love blogging about relationships, and life in general.


  1. lambs941 says

    Thank you so much for sharing these three gorgeous girlies! For the last 25 years I have been a massive tomboy- I can’t walk in heels and do not possess the knowledge on how to dress myself (terrible!) But now I’m beginning to see the joys of fashion, I am eager to soak up as much inspiration and tips as possible! X

    • You’re welcome 🙂 Follow them on IG… you’ll get all the inspiration you need! I’m also not really into fashion as much as people might think… I’m too lazy 😛 But, seeing these beautiful bloggers makes me wish I was.

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