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Summer Power Smoothie



Feeling much better after being stuck in bed for the past few days!

All I did was sleep sleep, use my phone for some Instagram posts and work on my internship (more on that later!). Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying summer so far – summer time means that my whole kitchen is stocked up on fruits such as Mangoes, Strawberries, Peaches, Bananas & Pineapple! For this little mini tutorial (because who doesn’t know how to make this simple smoothie?) I used frozen strawberries and Pineapple.

The Ingredients

1. Strawberries – My favorite fruit… so sweet and yummy!

2. Pineapples – I actually hate Pineapple, can’t stand the taste but in a smoothie it’s easier to handle 😛

3. Bananas – I love Bananas 🙂

4. Milk – I prefer nonfat milk for this smoothie.

5. Sugar or Condesened Milk (although not necessary since Bananas are sweet enough)






All Information found on

All Information found on


pineapples yum





My mother is a big fan of anything organic. Usually there is nonfat milk, but this time we used 1%! 



Since this was only for one person…




Basically, you just blend blend blend!  Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed learning some new health benefits about each of the fruits.

I know I did! See you guys soon 🙂 


  1. Madeline says

    yum yum I have been obsessssed with smooothies !
    I kind of want a food processor so I can juice kale and etc ?

    btw thank you for nominating me for the leibster award hehe I never even heard of it

    • Haha you’re very welcome! 🙂

      I want a juicer, but they are sooo pricey! I’ve been paying too much attention to juicers that I haven’t really researched any food processors :/

      • Madeline says

        yea theyre soo expensive but also youd need like sooo many vegtables too to juice it ! Its on my to buy list after i get a job hahha

  2. layeredindulgence says

    This looks absolutely delicious, a definite must-try for summer! 🙂 Thanks so much for such lovely comment on my recent post! I’m excited to be following you now, looks like you have a great blog! I would really appreciate a follow back 🙂

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