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E-Courses for Bloggers!

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Whether you’re a new blogger or a veteran blogger, e-courses are useful for everyone. I’ve actually only stumbled upon 2 e-courses and although they appeal to me, I haven’t had much time to take one nor the money. So, if you are interested in taking an e-course, check out these links maybe one of them will stand out to you. Of course, in the future I do see myself taking an E-Course to improve my blog whether it’s through blogging style, graphic design or marketing my blog. Consider this part of my series: Resources for Bloggers.

In this list, I chose E-Courses for different things such as: ways to improve your blogging style, photography courses, even Free Courses!  Please keep in mind that there are plenty of E-Courses out there… but some of them are only available at certain times so here are some that I saw that were coming up.

1. Five Sixteenths E-Courses

These are FREEE !!!! <– I know, I’m surprised also! 

I would link the link for you guys, but I think its rude to do that so please please please go click on the link (title) to access it!

There are 3 e-courses for you to choose from!  

What you’ll really learn:
– How to use free tools online to create a cohesive design
– How readers interact with you & your social networks
– A bit on blog design
– An easy introduction to image hosting & HTML

2.Blogging from the heart

This is a six week course and guess what? Enrollment starts June 30th! Here’s a little snippet from the information she posted!

This 6-week course is all about creative personal blogging. I’ll teach you how to share your life and heart online as a way to express yourself creatively, dive deep and meet like-minded friends along the way. There’ll be lots of blog post ideas as well as interviews with creatives who inspire me. I won’t be looking at how to make money from blogging, but if you have a biz and want to share more of yourself online with your customers, then this course will definitely help with that. Crafting a blog that truly reflects who you are is about being honest and open, enjoying the writing process, recording your world with your camera and getting your creative juices flowing!

For all her other courses, please click here. <—- The link will direct you to a page where she lists all her courses!

3. A Beautiful mess E Courses

This is seriously a gem! I found out about a Beautiful mess E Courses a while ago, but never really paid much thought to it until a fellow Blogger took their E Course and raved about it! Click on the link to have access to all their E- courses; but here are a few of the ones that particularly caught my eye.

1. Mastering the DSLR – $99 dollars but I’m willing to shell out that money to learn how to use a camera PROPERLY. I do get jealous and wonder how all these bloggers have such amazing photos and of course, learning is the best way to solve that!

The course begins Monday, June 30, 2014 and runs for five weeks.

Included with the course:

•A main lesson and a weekly assignment in PDF, MP3, and video form

•Five mini-lesson PDFs

•Emails five days a week

•A private class forum to ask questions and get help any time of day from the teacher and two assistants

• Two bonus question-and-answer videos during the course. You can send in your questions to me, and I’ll make an extra video just for the class, answering any questions I get!

•A private class gallery if you would like to share your work with fellow students or ask a questions about an image.

Here is a teaser for their “Blog Life E Course”

3.Classes Kara Made

The link listed above is for The M Photography E-Course, this course caught my eye because it is cheap! Only $45 dollars!!! Now, I just need to get a DSLR 😛

This class is for anyone who wants to learn the technical aspects of digital photography in an easy to understand and unintimidating setting. The class starts at the very basics — camera and lens recommendations, exposure, composition, lighting, and Photoshop corrections. It ends with basic tips from everything from landscape to portrait photography and includes free Photoshop actions, film photography tips, challenges, critiques, and inspiration. Most of the focus is on portraiture, but other subject matter is covered.

Want to explore more E-courses?

Check out this list from Uniqueness of Being ! Learn to use your DSLR, PR & Marketing for your blog, etc etc. Her list is longer than mine and more extensive so read it 🙂 I didn’t want to grab any ideas because she spent plenty of time researching the E-Courses also!


  1. lisalists says

    What a great and helpful post – will checking some of these out to improve my own blog ! Thanks Diana!

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