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Salsa Chicken Recipe




I’ll admit it, I”m a horrible cook. My mother always left the cooking up to my sister, while I was in charge of washing the dishes and helping prep – so when I moved out on my own last summer I really didn’t know what to do. Gaining the 30lbs probably came from the nights that Brandon and I ate Carne Asada Fries (we lived next door to a place) or the Boiling crab (crawfish galore) or the KBBQ… So today, on a whim I decided to make Salsa Chicken! 

Brandon made it for me once, but he used too much Taco Seasoning and it was very salty; so this time I decided to just buy one packet. I also made a huge HUGE mistake – I literally decided to thaw the chicken 5 minutes before…. I think I spent like an hour trying to thaw frozen chicken; I boiled water – tried to shove it into the bag, I used my arms to try to rip the chicken from each other to no avail. I know, I know… I learned my lesson! I finally ripped off enough pieces of chicken and turned on the oven , I decided to defrost the chicken that way. 


So, if you guys want to learn how to make this EASY Chicken read below the tag! 

How To Make Salsa Chicken !

salsa chicken

I know the directions said to add Salsa but I decided not to… but honestly, it tastes better to have the salsa cooked into the chicken!

This is the meat after I poured Taco Seasoning over it. 


I marinated some in Ranch for my dad. I made sure to add lots and lots of onions!



Baking comfortly 🙂







So much cheese, yummy!

The finished product… 


Overall, it was so easy and very cheap to make! Like I said, do put the salsa in with the chicken at the very beginning… it tastes a lot better. I know what I’ll make for Brandon when he comes over in the future!! But, I do have to say… this recipe isn’t that healthy (with the sour cream and cheese) so we will eat it once in a while. 



  1. This is mouthwatering. I’ll have to try this recipe with my mom. Haha. 🙂


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