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Easy DIY Summer Popsicles!

summer popsicles

Back again with a SUPER EASY TUTORIAL on how to make these summer popsicles! Thanks to Pintrest for helping me find the recipe, but you can basically make this with anything you want: others use Greek Yogurt and Strawberries, etc etc. I honestly didn’t think these would turn out so yummy, but my cousin already ate two! I only made four also… >.>”

I bought these popsicle molders for only a dollar at Ikea! I actually bought them about 6 months ago and on a whim decided to make these little treats since it was seriously so hot in my house. After looking around the Kitchen, I found them hidden underneath a pack of baking supplies. 

Depending on what you use as the filling, this could be an easy, quick and healthy treat for your kids. Maybe you could use freshly made orange juice instead of the ones filled with sugar.


What you need:

1. Orange Juice

2. Strawberries

3. Popsicle Molders


How to Make it:

1. Cut up strawberries

2. Pour Orange Juice into the mold

3. Put in the freezer for about four hours (you can check on it, mine were done in 3)

4. I put them in warm water to get them out of the mold easily. 


These are the same strawberries I’ve been making my smoothies and Spa water with! They are frozen 🙂


As my popsicle molders were small, I had to cut the strawberries.


Add some Orange Juice



Smudged in between some Chili Peppers and Hot Pockets!

The Finished Result….






Anyway hope you guys enjoyed this recipe, you guys can find plenty of others on Pintrest 🙂

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