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Obviously I’m Crazy For Blue Dresses

 My favorite color to wear is black, because of the fact that it really tones down your body. I’ve seriously never seen anyone look horrible in black; but why do I have so many blue dresses? Here are two cute dresses that I’m really loving for summer nights. 

P.S. do the photos look a bit different? I shot them with the CANON 9G (which is my dad’s camera). It’s the next closest thing to a DSLR in my house right now lol! Still playing around with the functions, the camera actually came out in 2008… but still looking nice 🙂


This blue dress is from F21. It looks better in real life and is very flowy.


I like this one because there are so many ways to wear it. You can style it with a belt because it’s very flowy and wear it with black lace shorts, or leggings and boots for a casual night out. 


I love love the back.

ths one

In case you guys aren’t following me on Instagram, then here are a few of my outfit posts. 


I can’t believe I shot this with my iphone… pretty nice quality.


This was thrifted, love the bangles! The dress is super low cut… I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything that low before.

Hope you guys are ready for the weekend!

p.s. here’s a cute picture of my Dog – Mochii ^_^ He’s actually very cute in person (he was squinting haha), he’s so cute that random strangers ask us if they can pair him up with their 


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