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Perfect for Summer – Floral Prints + Lace


I’m ready for summer – after all, I am an August Baby!

I originally wanted to make a post featuring ways you could style black shorts (but they go with everything… am I right?) but the shorts didn’t look too nice on the camera screen so I decided to ditch the shorts and just feature the shirts. I love summer, but I hate the sun… does that make sense? No? Maybe the reason why I love summer so much is because of the fact that I can get away with wearing dresses at almost any time of the day! But, since I already did a dress post last week… here’s another post!

Perfect Summer Pairing.

I’m a huge fan of floral print… they stand out and are easily paired with black shorts, leggings, maxi skirt whatever!  I love this blouse (or is it a crop top? pretty short) because it feels comfy, the black shorts were the ones that didn’t look so great on Camera and the purse… Brandon got my sister for her Graduation just the other day! I’m very much in love with it.

Blouse: A&F 

Black Shorts: F21

Purse: Kate Spade




Blouse: F21 

I love the little lace trim at the bottom of this blouse, it gives it such a romantic feel. Plus, the collars are just so cute! It’s a bit sheer but I really don’t mind that. It’s short also so wear it with nice bottoms to emphasize!



Top: Pripe

Never heard of this brand before. I got this cute lace top from PLATO’s CLOSET; a consignment store. Overall, it’s comfy enough although sheer… so I wear it with a tank top. I just love the details on this top!



Details make all the difference.


The collar as well.

Anyway, I just finished a bunch of designing work for Serene Sky so I’m going to the gym and hopefully run some more errands.


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