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Summer Contract !


I have a confession to make… I haven’t gone to the gym ever since school ended! Time for that to change! If you’re sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself, get up! Don’t complain, don’t whine… just do it. I decided to make a summer contract for my best friend and I to keep us on track. Grab your best friend and do this also! Of course, you can change the contract to cater to your needs.

* Remember, do not cheat – You are only CHEATING YOURSELF by doing that. 


1. Everytime you go to the gym you will get 1 point : Take a picture, send to the other person, and what you did for the day. The other person can request for you to take a picture with something ( to help with cheating).


2. A healthy meal is .5 points. This is only if you MADE this meal yourself.


3. Everytime you miss the gym it is two points. This counts for weekends, etc.


4. Everytime you go to the gym on a weekend it is 1.5 Points. 


5. The other person should be keeping track of your points also. 

workout prizes

We also added some other prizes such as:

1. Healthy Lunch – aka something like Veggie Grill (15 points)

2. Sports Bra : 30 points

The reason why I added easy points (I mean 15 isn’t so hard right?) is the fact that I want it to be obtainable. Once you get your first prize, you’ll want to try harder to get more! I mean, no one wants to workout for 60 days to get a Tshirt right? If you don’t have money then you can always sub. other things, such as a nice dinner cooked by your friend,  a massage, car wash, etc. 

Btw, I’m starting tomorrow… wish me luck!

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  1. Sarah Allen says

    This is such a great idea! I may have to enlist my sister to do something similar with me.

    Best of luck!

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