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Waiting to become Pretty.


When I was 13, and enduring the hell hole we called Middle School I would look up to the popular girls and wish I looked like them. I told myself that in 3 years from now, I’ll be the same age they are and will just magically become pretty. Little did I know, I would be thinking this way all the way up to my senior year of College. 

On a ride to a restaurant with my friend (who is gorgeous btw), I asked her, “Do you think you got prettier as you got older?” She was already 26. I have to admit, I was hoping she would just flat out say yes, but then I would have thought for the rest of the night, “I’ll be that pretty when I become 25-26.” She didn’t. She replied, “Well, I do think so. But, I think I owe it partly to the fact that as I grew older I learned how to buy better clothes, and apply makeup properly.”  After my conversation with her, I changed my whole outlook on physical appearance.


The quote – there is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy one is true in some cases. Instead of wishing that I would grow into my features (which I have been for the past 22 years); we should strive to improve ourselves. There are those who are lucky to be born free of any blemish and physical flaws… but thats rare. We are quick to state, “Oh, they are so lucky. They are just born pretty.” But, little do we realize the effort and work they have to endure. These people try to be the best version of themselves: are constantly at the gym, eat healthy food (of course, you are what you eat), dress appropriately, spend time researching skin care and different types of products and they learn how to work with what they have. Maybe instead of spending all my hard earned money on food, I could have saved the money (and the extra lbs) to spend on professional work clothes or heavy duty sunscreen. 

I went to the gym yesterday and struggled with all the exercises I was doing. My best friend (also my personal trainer) told me, “Diana – you have to try your best. No one is going to want this more than you. I can’t want it for you, I’m too busy wanting it for myself.” Those words helped me finish the rest of my work out because they rang so true. I can’t wait for myself to one day just magically “grow” into my features – I need to go out there and improve myself: work for a fit body and work to have a healthy life.

As we grow older, we learn to become more comfortable with ourselves. Like my friend said, she learned what works best for her – what colors to avoid in case it clashes with her skin, her best feature, what makeup tips work especially well for her skin tone or what hair cut suits her face shape. I have also become much more comfortable with myself, before I couldn’t stand to look at my face (hyperpigmentation, large pores) but now I’m able to. With age, also comes self confidence – why? because we stop caring what others think about us. 

Don’t forget though, inner beauty matters more than outer beautyBe kind to yourself and others, and your beauty will shine through. But, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few tricks of the trade 😉 


Credit for these lovely textures / So-Ghislaine

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    I related to this recent entry by Diana. She lovingly informs us to take responsibility for ourselves, to look after ourselves, to be happy with what we’ve got and she provides a couple of little mantras to get us to going.

  2. I feel I look great with or without makeup and have always been told I don’t need it! However, I feel prettier when I put in the effort instead of pulling back my hair and smudging on chap stick.

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